So by saying that it’s the briber who needs to be punished more than the bribee, Najib  might well have cooked the ghoos of his own political class.

Thanks to  Suaram Against Corruption and an ever-more vigilant new media, it’s not just skeletons that are falling out of sundry political cupboards; entire cemeteries are falling out. Scam exposes have become like what is said about a Chinese meal: no sooner have you had one than you’re ready for another.

In this context, Prime MinisterNajib has played the ball deftly back to the bowler by saying that the entire issue of corruption needs to be seen not just from the ‘demand’ side (i.e., the person demanding the bribe, the bribee, so to speak) but from the ‘supply’ side (i.e., the person supplying the bribe, the briber). The PM has gone on to remark that the Prevention of Corruption Act needs to be amended so as to make the giver of a bribe, culpable as the person who accepts the bribe. After all, it takes two hands – or, in this case as two greasy palms – to clap.

The prime minister has sought to shift the blame for corruption from the political class -which is seen to be at the root of the problem – to the private sector which, as he has put it, is behind big-ticket bribe-giving. The PM’s argument appears to be that if big business wasn’t ready to give bribes in order to secure favours for itself, the climate of corruption that pervades the country today would cease to exist.

This is an interesting argument in the chicken-and-egg debate as to how and where corruption begins. Does it begin with the hand held out to receive money? Or does it begin with the hand reaching out to give money? Which is the chicken, and which the egg, and which came first?Why blame politicians who, after all, are doing nothing more than accepting what is being offered to them? If a bribe isn’t offered, a bribe can’t be accepted, can it? End of story. End of corruption.

It’s a neat argument, neatly made. And the prime minister deserves to be congratulated for having devised it, particularly at a time when he is so beset by an apparently endless succession of graft allegations being made against his colleagues in government and others associated with his party.

Bribery is a form of seduction. And the sin in seduction, the PM in effect is saying, should lie with the seducer rather than with the seduced. After all, wasn’t Eve more sinned against than sinning when she accepted the bribe of an apple from that seductive serpent in Eden?

Going by this line of reasoning, if we’re really serious about rooting out corruption, we should pin the blame where it belongs: on the seducer, not the seduced; on the one who bribes, not the one accepting the bribe. So who’s the biggest seducer, the biggest bribe-giver in the country? The PM would have us believe that it is the private sector. But some might identify an entity which is an even bigger and more blatantly open a bribe-giver than the private sector: the government.

Not just this government, but any government which comes into office by seducing the ballot box through the offer of bribes –  Malay reservations, subsidies, pie-in-the-sky – to the electorate. The person giving – or, at least, promising to give – the bribe is the politician. The person receiving the bribe is the voter.

So by saying that it’s the briber who needs to be punished more than the bribee, Manmohanji might well have cooked the ghoos of his own political class.

Is Najib blind to all these ? 




How do we explain the persistent and blatant injustices that are done in the name of law and order? How do we pretend there are still integrity, justice and fairness in the courts, the AG’s Chambers and the police force?
In order to put the abysmal state of affairs in perspective, LFL has compiled a Top 10 list of Enemies of the Administration of Justice:Nalini Elumalai is  Executive Director of SUARAM readmore

MACC are a bunch of Jokers. You go after Teo Beng Hock for an accusation of less than 5K but your so call panel are asking for more evidence in this 40m deal. Come on!!! Even a kid in Standard 6 can nail this idiot in court. This prove that you guys has a mentality that are worse than primary school.Bottomline is corruption, money laundering , tax evasion and lies by the BN


Maybe we just like to wear blinkers and fool ourselves into thinking that whatever we refuse to see or acknowledge isn’t really happening at all; or maybe it is a warped kind of defense mechanism against bad tidings………… it whatever you will, but the fact remains that our brains are conditioned to believe that road accidents always happen to “others”, not us.

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s refusal to disclose the identity of the donor of the S$16 million contraband cash seized at the Hong Kong international airport has only heightened suspicion over the web of deceit and cover-up of high corruption in the corridors of power.
His minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz had on Oct 11 denied in a written reply to Parliament that the cash, amounting to RM40 million, was Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s money.Nazri said it was a donation to Sabah Umno, even though the carrier Michael Chia Tien Foh is a well known personal agent and close associate of Musa.  Standard Under Counter 30% on all government deals , channel it thru dummy companies overseas and launder it in every country. When someone in the ruling party tells a lie to cover a wrong, the party eventually gets into a situation where incredulously stupid explanations make the leaders of that party appear moronic because more lies must be fabricated to cover that first and subsequent lies.

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Check this out if you are skeptical :- On hearing that a family member has met with a minor or major mishap, what does one reflexly say ? Answer : “Oh no!” As if  this negative word can negate the event altogether! C’mon, how many of us really wonder, when leaving the house, whether we’d really make it back home alive or even unhurt ? Very few indeed, and chances are that these few are reprimanded by their family members for being pessimistic, fatalistic, self-destructive and what not ! But at the risk of being called all that, I will admit that I am one of those few—I AM apprehensive every time I step out of the house to drive and I cannot turn a blind eye to the increasing instances of road rage consuming human lives.

Almost every scam is documented and available on open sources for anyone who wants to look into it. And that is not all. Just when one feels a particular scam is now destined for oblivion, someone points it out and it again becomes a talking point. Thank goodness for that. It is due to that alone that most of these scams may escape the prying media but not the vigilant citizen journalist. They serve as a constant reminder to all crooks that people are now more aware than ever and will not only not forget their misdeeds, but have the platform/s available to propagate their wrongdoings more than ever before. So all those who thought milking my nation and getting away with it was a breeze, THINK AGAIN!

 Dont forget to investigate Nazri’s son for assaulting the security guard at the posh condominium.

Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz today said that he is open to having lawyers involved in the Suaram-initiated Scorpene inquiry provide a briefing in Dewan Rakyat.

In April this year, the Tribunal de Grand Instance in Paris began its inquiry into Suaram’s claim that French naval firm DCNS had paid some RM452 million as a bribe to Malaysian officials to obtain a contract for two submarines. Suaram had filed the complaint with the French courts in 2009.

The government, particularly the Defence Ministry, had been evasive when questioned in parliament over the issue. It had said that that an investigation was vastly different from a trial.

Several pro-government quarters accused Suaram of working with the opposition to play up the issue for political mileage.

Suaram had also recently come under intense scrutiny over the running of its organisation. It had been accused of having a “foreign funded” agenda of toppling the government, a claim which Suaram denied.

the Malaysian Bar voiced concern that a lawyer acting for Suaram, Chan Weng Keng, was served with a written order by the police to produce documents relating to Suaram.

Bar Council vice-president Christopher Leong said the police were harassing lawyers and obstructing them from executing their professional duties.

He added that the police were disregarding the legal principle of solicitor-client confidentiality,

“Such action by the police is oppressive, and constitutes blatant intimidation. It is an intolerable incursion on the independence of the Bar and a severe interference with a lawyer’s obligation to advise and act for clients without fear or favour,” he said.

Describing the police’s action as “appalling and unacceptable intrusion”, he said it showed a grave lack of respect for the criminal justice system.

Leong said that the concerted mobiliation of various agencies in investigating Suaram gave the perception that the issue was due to the Scorpene affair.

“This selective application of resources and legislative provisions, and the clear abuse of our criminal procedure rules will, in the long term, undermine respect for the system of law and order, and damage the proper administration of justice, in this country,” he warned.

The Bar called on the Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar to put an immediate halt to the repeated cases of lawyers being harassed, intimidated and interfered with by the police.

Leong also asked stern action be taken against police officers guilty of such behaviour, saying “bullying tactics must not go unchecked.”

The police are still investigating the book written about attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail titled Tan Sri Gani Patail: Pemalsu, Penipu, Penjenayah (Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail: Fraud, Liar, Criminal).

“The level of corruption in the country, Lim pointed out, had gone from bad to worse over the past three years, as reported by Transparency International in its latest annual Corruption Perception Index.” That is because UMNO is going all out to squeeze as much as possible before being thrown out. And PEMANDU appears to be creating a smokescreen with its NKRA spin while the pillaging continues unabated.We truly admire Kit Siang’s tenacity. This guy has been banging his head against a brick wall for more than 45 years. Any lesser human would have been brain damaged or dead by now – instead LKS’s mind remains as sharp as a scalpel, constantly at the ready to surgically remove an enormous tumour called Umno/BN.

Investigations into cases of BN’s interest came with super fast speed beyond human imagination. Whereas, if the cases were to detrimental to BN, it is on the other extreme end – snail pace. Eventually, they hoped you have forgotten there ever was an investigation. For example, if are known to have stepped on PM Najib’s photo, you will be arrested tomorrow. For those who whacked innocent civilians since April 2008, shown in YouTube, investigation is still going on after 6 months.

The character of Gani Patail is so badly tarnished that even with all the support of MSMs and Nazri Aziz there is not an iota of respect for him except from UMNO. Gani is accused of a mistress working in his office, Ho Hup repairing his mistress’s house, a Haj paid for as favours done, fabricated evidence against Anwar’s sodomy cases, selective prosecution of Oppositions, non prosecution of UMNO/BN people and much more. Is Najib blind to all these ? Investigations into cases of BN’s interest came with super fast speed beyond human imagination. Whereas, if the cases were to detrimental to BN, it is on the other extreme end – snail pace. Eventually, they hoped you have forgotten there ever was an investigation. For example, if are known to have stepped on PM Najib’s photo, you will be arrested tomorrow. For those who whacked innocent civilians since April 2008, shown in YouTube, investigation is still going on after 6 months.

By investigating Gani Patil is like preparing the downfall of Barisan. All the top files of the politicians are kept under lock and key. He is untouchable like Musa Hassan. They have broken so many laws but yet up to today none of these politicians have the courage to confront them. The hope lies in the greater judge and when he decides to move nobody can help them.


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