Tony Pua says ‘my one is bigger than yours’perception that DAP is an extreme racist party.

Hey, corner office frog DAP lawmaker Tony Pua, keep that sticky tongue to yourself

In a corner office with a view sits a loathsome frog, his tongue intermittently darting at all the little file-toting flies. This frog is not interested in turning into a prince — he already believes he is one — and stares bug-eyed at the flies, his toys or his employees whatever moniker fits them best in his mind.

How absurd can absurd become? Useless allegations against Finance Minister II Johari 

Politics has seldom walked the path of predictability. Opinions oscillate like an autumn in mood. Promises sun and cloud like the English weather. The phrase political commitment is the greatest example of an oxymoron. Once friends, turn foes overnight. We all know the language of politics.Johari is no‘caged parrot’,  has the freedom to investigate his boss but but he is not Tony Pua‘s errand boy.. .A tale of two MPs DAP lawmaker Tony Pua you a narcissistic ?

Can lawmakers and lawbreakers be one and the same? but many of our lawmakers – a large number of whom have criminal records – have little or no compunction placing themselves above the law by virtue of the fact that, as legislators, they are ones who make the law in the first place.The creator is always greater than the created. By this logic the maker of the law – any-law – is greater than the law created. Something which is legal today can by our lawmakers be turned illegal tomorrow,like laws are made and unmade at the whims and fancies of those responsible for designing and maintaining our society’s legal framework, the scaffolding which supports our polity.As the architects of this legal edifice not a few of our legislators have shown themselves to be above Pua you asking  Johari to break the law as a thought,a future in a new perspective that is something far more than a distorted reflection of fear. it is possible to fructify as reality. After all, everything big started with a thought

Think big and it will come true! If that held true forTony Pua, why wouldn’t it for the rest of us as well? Do you trust easily?
The political games that secular parties have played with the Muslim community have not only ensured social conservatism in the latter but have also created fertile grounds for extremism. This explains why some Muslim men thought it was their religious duty to murder a professed atheist. At the same time, by empowering conservative mullahs and allowing them to speak for the Muslim community, secular parties like Congress helped set in Hindu counter-polarisation. There’s no denying the fact that the rise of the Hindu right-wing in Indian politics and its political dominance today are a direct result of distortion of secularism by so-called secular parties. The right-wing has managed to successfully portray these parties as pseudo-secular and favouring only one community.
DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang says there are people trying to ‘engineer’ his retirement from politics to weaken Pakatan Harapan and DAP.On the RUU 355 issue, DAP doesn’t seem to have any solution besides pushing the blame to MCA and demanding MCA ministers to resign. DAP has not apologised for its co-operation with PAS. DAP’s strength in the parliament is five times more than MCA which means it carries heavier responsibility for the non-Muslims.As politics buzzes towards another general election; as conversation and opinion polls chase each other along an entertaining circumferenceBut hurry is dangerous in politics. You can trip up if you have not planned how to negotiate the various traps that always lie on a plotted route. You hold one end of a map up, beaming at cameras, and the other end collapses. Instead of leading an offensive, the DAP might be forced to clean up its own mess.This is definitely going to be the main plank of the DAP re-election campaign. Remarkably, however, the most vociferous opposition to this decision has come from  speaking for Chinese, 

 As reasons advance and propositions retreat; as issues climb on the graph of voter-impact, and reasons get dissected with a surgeon’s scalpel, one gut cause for popular anger seems to have eluded the attention of pundits and their hangers on: justice.
Corruption is another synonym for injustice, for it is robbery of people’s resources. Corruption is not exchange of wealth between the rich; it is the people’s money accumulating in limited pockets. The teachers in Bihar were not paying for meals from their salaries; they were siphoning off money collected from taxes. Those mobile companies who bought spectrum at deflated prices were also stealing from the national purse.Justice is neither expected nor offered in a dictatorship, which is why it becomes such an intense demand when a dictator falls. But justice is intrinsic to democracy. An ordinary crime is punished through law; political culpability meets its fate in elections. When justice is denied, it lingers in the mind; you can dull its edges, as in the Anwar Ibrahim’s case, but it will haunt you from some corner of the national conscience. Every election is a judgement on justice. The verdict may not be perfect, but it works.If secular parties like DAP are to have a future they must stop appeasement policies and speak for the people across communities. They must stop pandering to religious leaders – be they from any community – for the sake of vote bank politics. Real secularism is neutral to all religions and focusses on combating discrimination among communities. It speaks for the weak for the sake of justice, not politics. DAP and other secular parties must reappraise their approach towards secularism to evolve and survive. That’s the only way they can counter right-wing forces.
Why does it just depend on MCA? If DAP wants MCA ministers to resign, should the 36 DAP MPs (except for Sim Tong Him) also resign together? DAP has grown and is in command of so much manpower and resources.Don’t you think it should shoulder greater responsibility? I am not attacking DAP but I sincerely hope that the party would do some self-examination and don’t disappoint its supporters. Have some pride!
Why take chances?As technology advances and we become more confident in our abilities to transform thoughts to reality, the gap between the idea and implementation keeps shrinking. Today one of the biggest thrills of living is watching impossible-seeming thoughts turn to reality within one’s lifetime!If with the power of his “big thought” Donald Trump became the President of the USA, what then is impossible? As he says in his book Think Like a Billionaire, “I like thinking big. To me it is very simple: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.”The power of thought is a form of energy that is impervious to time, space or present reality. It is important to hone and direct your thoughts towards bigger and better, impossible-to-imagine things. What you believe about yourself and what you believe about possibilities is crucial to not just what you become, but also critical to the world as we all experience it – now and in the future.

Shakespeare, being a genius, got most things right. But, being human, he also got a few things wrong. A rose by any other name does often smell like a weed.
One dangerous misnomer is this entity called an intelligence agency. These organisations, a consistent growth industry in every nation whether times are lean or prosperous, are information accummulators. Intelligence may or may not be a by-product of their endeavours. Look no further than the case of the latest American whistleblower, Edward Snowden.
America’s spymasters lost this plot long before Snowden broke cover and revealed massive incursions by US and British agencies into private lives. Their rage reflects the fury of impotence, or perhaps incompetence. Snowden did not hit and run. His sting took much preparation: he copied data, and then established contact with Julian Assange’s Wikileaks and China, at the very least. Directly or indirectly, China, Russia and Ecuador knew what he was going to do before he moved. CIA, NSA and FBI were blindsided. America’s intelligence was shipwrecked in an ocean of information.
One would assume, after the Wikileaks fiasco, that there would be alert mechanisms to track any unauthorized transfer of secret data by an insider. Wrong. Neither was there any security firewall between Snowden and either a pest like Wikileaks or a foreign power like China, although both must be equally high on CIA’s watch list. If you imagine Snowden landed in Hong Kong by flipping a coin, you must be in kindergarten, still reading fairy tales. Conversely, if you believe China ignored the US demand for extradition because of a typing error in the application, your sense of humour is almost as nuanced as the Chinese official who thought up that whopper. The Chinese ran this operation for precisely as long as they wanted to, or Snowden would never have left Hong Kong, even if he had managed to enter this semi-liberal enclave of an authoritarian state. Snowden’s story got top play in local media; and he was accompanied by a Wikileaks executive on his ride to Russia, both impossible without a silent nod from Beijing. Snowden went to Hong Kong because he was certain of a Chinese umbrella. And in Moscow, of a Russian shield. Try boarding a flight a Moscow without a valid visa on your passport. You won’t get beyond check-in. Absolutely do not consider making Moscow airport a temporary residence, unless you are certain local police won’t put you on the next flight to anywhere. Nor will Ecuador’s friendly diplomats drop by to say hello without Kremlin’s permission.
At the moment of writing, Snowden is discovering a few facts of life. Heroes have limited uses when playing cloak and dagger; the dagger can change direction in the switch of a blade. China, Russia and Ecuador were happy to use Snowden in the secret wars that continue below the surface of good relations, but reluctant to damage bilateral business with Washington beyond a point. Big boys like America carry aces up their sleeve when they sit at any table.
For some time now America has been ratcheting up an international offensive against China’s invasion of cyberspace. This was high on the agenda of the summit between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping in California earlier this month. China’s President kept an admirable straight face while his shadow-security infrastructure timed this double-whammy to a nicety, producing Snowden just when American protests hit a crescendo.
While spy fact imitates spy fiction, the world must come to terms with a difficult truth. Privacy, a cornerstone of individual liberty in a free society, now belongs to the past tense. America, the world’s largest people-friendly democracy, and China, the world’s largest people-friendly dictatorship, have used war as the excuse and technology as the means to monitor the language, and through that the thought process, of any individual they want to target. If other nations, including Russia or India, have not succeeded as spectacularly, it is not for want of trying.
Governments know something that idealists are loath to admit: the argument for liberty does not travel very far with the populace when it is positioned against terrorism. The progress towards a free society has been led by a liberal elite that flourishes in the calm of peace, and bends before the hurricane of conflict. Barack Obama turns into George Bush. Obama knows that total information is the dream of every totalitarian, but will not intervene. He is in politics. Politics is about survival first and consequences later. For every Snowden briefly on the front page, and in limbo for the rest of his life, there are dozens defeated by helplessness. That is how a state defines victory over the individual.
Obama invited Xi Jiang for their summit in California to a place called Rancho Mirage. What an excellent title for a sequel to George Orwell’s 1984.

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