Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani intellectually stimulating analytical and strategic.

Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani has said as many times as he has been asked that he is ready to make a statement in the house so that MPs have the liberty to respond, criticise, analyse or support  his case on merits. It is DAP, for reasons unfathomable, that refuses to engage. If DAP  is dissatisfied with  Finance Minister II ’s explanation, it can mount a counter offensive in the house or elsewhere, before a watching and listening nation.Tony Pua  prescription is  not sustainable but in the short run DAP gains from cynicism have been so spectacular that it has stopped thinking outside its established clichés .  Tony Pua  thinks in spasms, if it thinks at all.The most efficient form of economic growth comes when a country can maximise development across all its demographic segments. Everyone will not pull equally, but everyone must pull. Half of Malaysians is still under performing. Raise its wealth and walk into high double digit growth. Economics is not complicated once the human being gets more attention than statistics.

Here is a little more to perplex you. Why did DAP suddenly abandon its opaque tactics of evasion and fudge over the 1MDB issue.

Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani told an audience of the investment community at a luncheon organised by the Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Bhd (MIDF) that the government “can’t press charges on 1MDB without a full picture”.Johari argued that “even the PAC (public accounts committee) and auditor-general were unable to specifically tell what went wrong”.

Tony Pua is cliché and spasm That inimitable so called intellectual and sleuth Tony Pua  an unforgivable sin in his moral code: overlooking the obvious. The Malaysiakini dust storm over that hobgoblin, 1MDB , stimulated The big boys of  DAP have been playing truant, lulled by an imposter’s mantra. are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator;I want to ask Pua – so, what do you expect us to do in the meantime? Do we hold off all our development programmes and initiatives until someone is finally charged in the criminal courts for 1MDB?

Do we wait for the country to collapse?

Do we wait for the country to collapse and lose all of its credibility in the eyes of the world through incessant condemnations and criticisms from within and without? Will we wait for the opposition to be satisfied when they take over the country before we move forward? Do we stop everything just to live up to the opposition’s seeming wish that we become a “pariah nation” and then only pick up the pieces to rebuild the country and shape it into the mould that the opposition wants at the expense of the rakyat? Is that what the opposition or Pua wants?

 Tony Pua has of late accused me of many things, being a liar, for one thing and now in his FB page, he accused me of covering up for the prime minister and also that I was trying to pull a fast one over the rakyat on the 1MDB issue. the chicken came before the egg and produced the scandal With  Tony Pua  the egg must come before the chicken. This egg has to be fertilized in the mind. In this important I believe that no problem should just be left to resolve itself; positive and proactive steps must be taken to address it and though 1MDB is not an enviable problem to resolve, but as they say, it came with the job. I could always just leave the job if I don’t like it – after all, no one forced me to do it but I knew then that it would be wholly irresponsible for me to shirk off this responsibility and opportunity to serve the nation, the very nation that I owe much of my success so far due to the many opportunities given by it. There is nothing mysterious about the fact that files pertaining to 1MDB issue It seems to be a case of theft compounded by abetment. A few more chunks of evasion would not have made absolution easier in the eyes of God, if God has time for Malaysian corruption anymore.Moreover, in terms of purely DAP Parliamentary tactics,

Image result for Finance Minister2 Johari With the experience that I have in the corporate world for the last 25 years, l intend to help to resolve this issue the best way that I can whilst bearing in mind at all times that the support letters/guarantees issued by the government to 1MDB still remain enforceable. To a certain extent, resolving the 1MDB issue is also crucial to uphold our credibility as a nation in the eyes of the world.however much it may have wanted to, but the government. The reason? Inexplicable. The worst damage is done by incompetence, not evil intent.All careers, they say, end in futility — but only if you do not know when to quit. DAP will understand this analogy, since they likes America and American businessmen. The share price of Microsoft just went up 7% after its chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer, announced he was leaving. Ballmer was once a hero of Micrsoft, and an astonishing videotape shows him bouncing across the stage at a company gathering, making cowboy noises, in the days when he took the job as an untarnished superstar.

Image result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PAS
Satire is the thin wedge that separates fear from panic. Malaysian businessmen are not yet panic-stricken, but they are edging towards the zone of fear. As haemorrhaging international confidence in Malaysia weakens fund inflows, they know we cannot easily defend a Ringgit under siege. economy have been manageable if the bleed was not moving from drip to gush. There is deep worry that vacuous governance and an unstable political environment will lead us to the door of the IMF in Washington, a large begging bowl in hand. Instead of answers,thanks Tony Pua and DAP
Image result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PAS
Tony Pua  is the DAP’s perfect post-ideological politician. Those who think he is preaching to the choir are missing the point: a significant chunk of the electorate is tired of grand creeds. Tony Pua  leaves behind a trail of feel-good bubbles on his travels. Contrast this with  Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani  who believes that B-grade histrionics pave the way to stardom.disdain for ideology can make you indifferent to fomented a toxic war that could prove contagious. The hinge of its conflicts is the ideology of the state.Dap is not talking of a boycott of only one debate. It wants to shut Parliament as an institution unless a cabinet minister and Prime Minister resign. This is Tony Pua “Off with his head!”

The 1MDB issue has been extensively deliberated by all parties and I must say that I have never seen or experienced anything of the sort where almost all the agencies, ranging from the police, MACC, Bank Negara Malaysia, the auditor-general, the public accounts committee and the attorney-general, scrutinised the 1MDB issue in extensive depth and all at the same time.
Never before have I seen or experienced anything resembling the effort or the interest put into dissecting and scrutinising 1MDB, not only by us Malaysians but also by the United States, Switzerland, Singapore and other financial centres of the world.Despite all these, we still do not have a “complete picture” of what happened to 1MDB and why, until today, none of these jurisdictions have taken specific charge against 1MDB or its employees on the criminal aspect of the case. Even the actions taken by the Singapore government were only in respect of the non-compliance of their banking laws.. Even the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) couldn’t come up with any solid proof to prosecute any individual on criminal charges in relation to 1MDB. What the DOJ did was to freeze assets allegedly belonging to certain individuals connected to 1MDB in the hope that by freezing the assets, the owners will come forward and disclose to the DOJ how the massive assets could be accumulated without going through the US’ stringent protective laws.

. As far as the government is concerned, there is nothing to hide and nothing to cover up. The fact is that, and I know Pua being a PAC member knows it himself. There is no clear-cut evidence to bring any criminal action against anybody for the 1MDB case at the moment.Perhaps the truth is simple: Tony Pua  shout instead of talking only when he have nothing to say.The conventional view was that  had marginalised himself out of national space.The centre of gravity in any democracy is best measured by the credibility of its member of Parliament, Parliament proceedings are no longer a closed-door affair, have democratised debate to a spectacular degree. Members speak in front of the largest jury in history, in the court of public opinion. By sabotaging debate,  DAP is denying the Malaysian people the opportunity to hear evidence from all sides, and then make up their minds.that gave him what can only be described as blackmail powers over the Najib government? Was he  Malaysia’s version of FBI chief J Edgar Hoover? Once again, we do not know. But we can safely assume that there is some fire smouldering within this smoke, and that if that fire touches the oxygen of revelation, there will be conflagration.Otherwise, I am sure that the police, MACC, Bank Negara Malaysia, the auditor-general, the public accounts committee and the attorney-general would have taken action against the responsible individuals. The only conclusions that I can make from the PAC report are that 1MDB suffered from poor corporate governance, wrong business model and weak management. I have much faith in our judicial system and I believe that if there be any proof that may be uncovered later, justice will prevail and those responsible will be taken to task. Meanwhile, let us allow these agencies to continue with their investigations, without fear or favour.

Nor Mohamed Yakcop the biggest culprit by going overboard in the speculative foreign currency venture.he speculated and  gambled recklessly and irresponsibly with no regard to the safety of Bank Negara’s assets.that he wanted to beat George Soros, perhaps, to impress  his bose Dr Mahathir Mohamed that he is the expert in forex dealings.then Bank Negara advisor in charge of Investment Department, would use his computer and other staff computers to speculate and gamble in foreign exchange market.But truth is it was Nor Yakcop did it all Bank Negara Forex Scandal – When Government Becomes Speculator. Nor was forced to resign from Bank Negara on July 10, 1994, which Rosli described as a grossly insufficient punishment for such a big a crime he committed against the nation.Anwar said the deal was that Nor shall never be involved with Bank Negara again.But, in 1997, Rosli said Nor was ‘rewarded’ when he returned to Bank Negara to handle the ringgit crisis.
Nor Mohamad has never pointed the finger at Mahathir or implicated the older man. However, the fact that Mahathir has consistently refused to punish Nor has stirred suspicion. He even promoted Nor to Special Economic Adviser and gave him a key role to play in Malaysia’s controversial implementation of currency control measures during the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.Mahathir protected and promoted Rogue Currency Trader Nor Mohamed Yakcop

the “forex scandal elite club masters including  former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed and ex-Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin
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We have in the past lost more than RM30 billion in our Forex (foreign exchange market) misadventure. In fact, we were not really aware of the extent of the Forex scandal until recently, when it surfaced. We also lived through the Perwaja Steel scandal, where we reportedly lost billions of ringgit and finally the operation was closed. The 1MDB issue cannot and must not be turned into a witch-hunt just so that we can appease certain pockets of the society. We need to be thorough and we need to be fair. We need to be patient and time will reveal the truth.
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. Pua, yes, I was very critical of 1MDB when I was a backbencher but at that time I was not privy to detailed information on 1MDB. When I became acquainted with the facts, I realised that it would take more than just sentiments and perception to address the 1MDB issue. You were a member of the PAC and even you know that the PAC could not recommend the charging of any particular individual for criminal conduct in the 1MDB case due to lack of evidence.

What the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is currently doing now is exactly as what was recommended by the PAC. The MoF Inc has taken over the assets of 1MDB and this could not be done without taking over the liabilities connected to the assets. We need to do justice to the two pieces of land, i.e. the TRX land and the Bandar Malaysia land, by continuing to develop them and maximise the returns in order to pay the loans which will be settled in due time.

As for the dispute regarding the US$3.5 billion, which was paid to the IPIC group of companies by 1MDB, IPIC cannot continually deny that they have received the monies when 1MDB has already paid the same to them. I don’t think Malaysians in their right mind will want to just give up on that issue of the payment. This is why we are seeking arbitration to resolve the matter. This process too will take time. As for the criminal actions that you have been clamouring for, in time, should any further solid proof surface, I can assure you that our justice system will take care of it. After all, in criminal cases, as you are well aware, there is no deadline for prosecution and there is no time bar. That is why the Forex losses scandal comes under the spotlight now.

Pua, you need to realise by now that you are foremost, a lawmaker, a Member of Parliament. You cannot continue to be a judge, jury or executioner or all of them in one. Though I am a junior in comparison to your tenure as MP, your behaviour in respect of the entire affair does not fit that of a lawmaker. The spectacle of name-calling, not only towards me but towards other members of the administration as well, is nothing less than embarrassing and demeaning to your standing as a Member of Parliament. Give it a rest. I am sure that the folks of Petaling Jaya Utara elected you as their MP to do better things than just being obsessed with 1MDB.

Pua, whatever you may call it, bailout, rescue or whatever; the primary concern is to resolve the 1MDB issue, mitigate the losses, limit the liability of the government and reduce the impact of 1MDB to our economy and future generations.
The strength of nations has more nuances than the single dimension of geography. If the new aspirants to high office do not understand this, they will serve neither their personal nor their national interests.Johari argued that “even the PAC (public accounts committee) and auditor-general were unable to specifically tell what went wrong”.

Johari must prove to Malaysians that he has not become a big liar in defending a kleptocratic administration by demanding that the cabinet declassifies the Auditor-General’s Report on 1MDB immediately.

How can the second finance minister expect Malaysians to believe his claim that the auditor-general could not find anything specifically wrong with 1MDB when the Najib Abdul Razak administration has classified the Auditor-General’s Report under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) after it was published in February 2016?

Even the then-auditor-general, Ambrin Buang, has emphasised that the intent of the OSA classification was only for the purpose of the PAC to complete its own report without unnecessary leaks.

Ambrin stated clearly that there was no need for the Auditor-General’s Report to be classified after the PAC Report has been completed and left it to the discretion of the government to declassify the document.


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