No truth from Zahid Mukhriz said UMNO is a cruel irony

No truth from Zahid Mukhriz said UMNO is a cruel irony that foolish Umno leaders can’t answer simple question

Turkey,  became a success story because its 20th-century saviour Mustafa Kemal rejected the Caliphate, and wrenched his nation out of the looming trap of faith supremacy. Courageously, he defused the very symbol of Muslim conquest, Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, a great Byzantine church turned into a mosque in the 15th century. Ataturk converted it into a museum
 No truth from Zahid’s tooth, Najib had pulled his teeeth

Zahid said, an eye for an eye will leave us all blind. Principles are vulnerable in pursuit of barbarians. But we must also defeat the enemy before it destroys us. That is the challenge.
who the en
what is  Zahid’s politics then
Although the UMNO produces some most creative minds, it remains a nation in constant need of a bogeyman to slay – fear is a mainstaThe Swiss embassy in Kuala Lumpur has declined to comment on Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s criticism of the Swiss attorney-general’s office (OAG).

Swiss AG’s office won’t get dragged into Zahid’s ‘politics’
y of Najib   UMNO leaders have been intentionally entrapping the minds of Malays as a means to retain their power and positions,   Zahid  warned that the inevitable advent of the digital world would put an end to such shortsighted leadership “We have been talking about the Malay problem ever since UMNO birth
Why is it after 60 years of independence, with sultans and leaders as Malays, and the government being led by Malays, we still have this problem?
Najib now wants Status quo, is a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with regards to social or political issues. In the sociological sense, it generally applies to maintain or change existing social structure and values.Ironically, even UMNO is nervous. Zahid has opted for a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose strategy: if the general election 2018 goes well,UMNO will be a sure lose

The reason is that we do not know that our minds have been entrapped, imprisoned.  used the metaphor that the Malays are like frogs under a coconut shell.The shell will topple one day, make no mistake about it. The question for our society is if we will topple the coconut shell our way, to minimise the collateral damage, or do we allow it to topple on its own and risk a disaster.”The US is isolated by its own privilege – being a dominant culture, most US citizens don’t learn other languages. They don’t watch films or read books from other peoples. They don’t follow political and social events of other societies – so, it’s easy to ‘otherise’ huge portions of humanity into reductionist, menacing categories.When aftershocks trembled through Aristotle’s law on prose is compelling: everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. I was rearranging my brain cells to deal with the difficult middle of a column in UMNO said Zaid Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of clean Good governance , and the bitter, toxic romance of corruption  was written on But as a sense of loss, and fear of the future, intensified, the ideas of exclusivity, separation and dream of dominance began to gather momentum in the 20th century.What is modernity? It has four non-negotiable pillars: democracy, which is impossible without free speech; freedom of faith; gender equality; and economic equity, through which the poor are the principal beneficiaries of economic growth.

Zahid  Nine weapons? Najib needs a tenth: Luck

If you were cooking up a formula for an ideal prime minister, the mixture would surely be a base of Solomon’s wisdom, with one ladle of Alexander’s strategic skills, topped off by the confidence of David, who slew heavily armed giants with a single sling-shot. But no recipe works without salt. Salt is luck


Muslims had slipped into decadence, compromising purity of practice in prayer and trust in the sharia; their behaviour and dress had been corrupted by Rosmah.

Image result for where 2.6 billion

Where are  the jihad warriors of this Malays? asked Zahid’
The warriors of this Malay jihad are the masked vanguard of a movement called UMNO Behind the masks is a supply chain that, like all religious extremism, is magnetised by inspiration beyond  UMNO  Those who know Najib and Awang Hadi are aware that, as master of the long game, they are not going to be deflected by the short pass; it is too late for them to absorb the stumble and restore the stride towards that clean horizon.The Malay voters, much unlike the  opinion pundit, a very cool customer. Every election result is a message, which should neither be underestimated nor overestimated.Extrapolation of any regional result on to a wider canvas is alluring but deceptive. As was famously said of American democracy, all politics Malay are local. This does need a minor amendment: most politics  are not local. Taking the right decision needs, in our system, nerves of steel along with forensic skills. There is plenty of both

Najib’s lowest on moral, intellectual rung – but  can he win in win 2OI8 .Yes, voters are angry, yes, they’re exhausted and disgusted and cynical about everything. But why is everything boiling over in this particular cycle, The disappointment and impatience that people feel in a decadent era is legitimate, even admirable. But the envy of more heroic moments, the desire to just do something to prove your society’s vitality There are pathways up from decadence. But there are more roads leading down. a Najib family-run possess the commitment and resilience to survive such a difficult 2018 election ahead? Many UMNO leaders who back Najib no longer believe they can win in 2018 But there isn’t a gambler in a casino, or in a general election lottery, who will accept defeat before a last throw of dice an UMNO formula that has been a populist pillar of the entire democratic hierarchy. has lifted debate from that usual mundane swamp of me-too pandering.Politics has no space for lost-and-found options. What is lost, remains lost.A core problem with Umno democracy is the sanctimonious worship of sacred cows. Some issues are placed on an altar high above all levels of debate. Even discourse is sacrilege . It is not a question of right and wrong; or, more accurately,that no one would donate such a colossal sum of money, why should 1MDB scandal be banished from discussion?  Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein said “If you don’t have the ability to absorb whatever has been thrown at you, how are you going to lead the country?” at a speech launching Umno Youth’s Akademi Kepimpinan Kapten Hussein
The most important event in Malaysia is Umno’s general assembly, not the general election.It is there that the direction of Malaysia is determined instead of the ballot box.And this time around, a seismic shift took place – somewhat under the radar – which could have massive repercussions in the future of politics in Malaysia.
Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak and party delegates did not go full throttle in their racial messages to shore up support.
In a change of tack, Umno replaced their foul-mouthed attack with a more withdrawn message of Islam.Past assemblies have seen presidents and delegates engage in chest-thumping, high octane speeches promoting Malay supremacy while vilifying the Chinese.
While I would be one of the last people giving credit to Umno for anything, this seems like a rather calculated move by dangling a carrot which has sent PAS’s tongues wagging.
If PAS bites, Umno could move in for the kill and eliminate two birds with one stone, making PAS redundant – as Umno will be seen to advocate for both race and religion – as well as throw the opposition off balance due to their indecision on PAS and Pakatan Harapan Rakyat.Malaysia’s political scene has been dominated by race and religion since its inception.Central to this has been Umno’s infatuation with race, and PAS’s urge to build a bridge between this land and heaven in their quest to realise “heaven on earth”.
However, neither has been able to champion both race and religion as part of its dogma.
Up to this point, Umno’s true rival has been PAS, not DAP and PKR, and certainly not Amanah.
It is relatively easy for Umno to dismiss DAP by labelling it a “Chinese party” due to its shackles on the mainstream media, while brushing off PKR as a familial organisation focused on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Voters who pick between Umno and PAS believe in either race or religion being the fulcrum of their lives.Those who buy that message are not yet sold by DAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” essence or PKR’s multiracial front.
The two opposition parties have spent a lot of effort focusing on urban areas where the progressive, non-racial ideology resonates with people.Umno and PAS’s battleground, meanwhile, are based in semi-urban and more rural areas where people live completely different lives.While there are naive people who deny it, PAS’s push for the shariah law is accepted by those in the east coast who have been raised with thinking along religious lines.
Ultimately, PAS’s vociferous push earlier this year for the sharia was borne out of opportunist politics akin to that of Umno, solidify its base instead of engaging in a high risk, high reward move after former opposition leader Anwar was incarcerated.
Now, it seems like Najib has taken a leaf out of PAS’s holy book.
He is now trying to close ranks and cement his support in Umno while having his back against the wall with critics from within, and also altering his party’s tune to appeal to PAS’s supporters.
With many of the thinkers of PAS now heading splinter group Amanah, the Islamist party is devoid of ideas and could bite the bait.
PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli says that PAS is vital due to its presence in rural areas, and while there is truth in that, Umno is also trying to appeal to a similar electorate.Like a thoroughbred racehorse, Umno is waiting for the home stretch before striking with a lightning quick charge.They have done it before. Who is to say they will not do it again? also reads this

Mukhriz said UMNO is a cruel irony that foolish Umno leaders can’t answer simple question


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