Holding Muslim voter to ransom:now-desperate Abdul Hadi Awang want to sleep with Najib

As the debate continues to swirl around secularism, albeit with ebbing intensity, but still provoking a loose nerve or two, an intriguing question demands an answer. Is  What precisely do we mean by secularism to Pas therefore, is a UMNO with “audible secularism” is also signalling, with his jibes and jabs Such foibles will evaporate, although not without raising some questions about credibility, as general elections begin in earnest.Corruption is a vital concern; but no one has exclusive claims on honesty. Look east, if nowhere else  Abdul Hadi Awang.gets away with amnesia on past corruption of current benefactors in UMNO
Every good drama needs a few sub-plots whirling through the mainframe. The most captivating within our current political theatre is surely Abdul Hadi Awang . cut hisyour coat according tohis cloth. Look before he leap. This sort of pithy wisdom has been distilled from centuries of human experience.
Hadi the a messiah,
Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of modernity, and the bitter, toxic romance impatience has ruined more plans than true love..  An enduring literary myth is that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the ultimate starcrossed tragedy of true love. Wrong. It is merely a tragedy of true impatience. Romeo, proving once again that men are the stupid sex, kills himself because he assumes Juliet is dead, when all she has done is taken a helpful sleeping sedative, very useful indeed at moments of high stress. Juliet is then forced into her grave by a playwright in search of a highvoltage ending. If Romeo had been patient, he would have aged into a toothless tease in Verona while Juliet washed her grandchildren’s nappies. Nice, but no story.But with elections due soon, Abdul Hadi Awang  became a man in a hurry engrossing electoral battles tend to become fairy tales with a twist. Good does not defeat evil; it is never quite as moral as that. But a victor does suddenly become a huge definition of good. . An impatient teenager is someone in love. If you are in late middle age, you must be in politics.Najib was also smitten his head swells to such an extent that it becomes an obstacle between you and the next rung on the ladder of upward mobility. PM’s chair could be covered in a quick sprint because both are in the run for chairy This is a marathon . Najib have to pace yourself carefully.The battle for prime minister of Malaysia will be fought in the bed Some, however, are still sceptical of Umno’s peace offers and worried that PAS is falling into another trap by its long-time, but now-desperate, nemesis.
Although analysts said such cooperation was more to give the two beleaguered parties a lifeline, PAS members saw it as one way to unite Malay Muslims.
Mohd Monier Mat Din, a PAS member from Baling, Kedah, welcomed the idea of mending ties with Umno.
But he also summed up the mixed feelings of many of his compatriots towards Umno, saying that PAS still has a responsibility to accept Umno’s peace offer, no matter the risk.
“PAS’s job is to dakwah (spread the message of Islam and its values) even to a bad person. But, if that bad person wrongs us again, what are we to do? As bad as Umno is, they are still Muslims.”
Ramlan Samiran of Batu Pahat, Johor, also echoed the Malay-Muslim unity sentiment, saying that PAS should forgive Umno’s past transgressions and put aside the long history of enmity.
“PAS has hated Umno but if Umno repents and returns to the right path, then we should accept them,” said Ramlan.
Six decades of rivalry
The two parties have been rivals for the Malay vote and a chance to be the voice of Muslims since PAS was formed in 1951.
PAS joined the Barisan Nasional government in 1974 at Umno’s invitation. Ties broke down between the two in 1977, leading PAS to leave BN.
It also lost control of the Kelantan government.
This bitter experience has led certain PAS leaders, such as its iconic spiritual leader, the late Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, to declare that the Islamist party would never work with Umno again.
But ties have thawed with Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang helming PAS.
On December 18, Hadi shared the stage with Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak at an Al Azhar University alumni dinner where Najib again reached out to PAS.
Analysts such as Ilham Centre’s Mohd Hisomuddin Bakar said Hadi’s attendance was the clearest sign that the Islamist party was burying the hatchet with its rival.
This is especially since PAS is no longer part of the formal opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan.
Trust issues
Those interviewed expressed a strong trust that their leadership, especially the president and ulama in the Shura Council were making the right decision to work with Umno again.
This is despite the fact that some of their bosses witnessing Umno’s betrayal in the late 1970s.
“We know that our elected leaders and the ulama are more knowledgeable and experienced than us in these affairs and that they will make the right decision for the party,” said Mohamad Shamsuri Mohamad Hussin of Maran, Pahang.
They also repeated a point Hadi once made, that PAS was willing to work with Umno and advise it on how to govern the country based on Islamic principles.
“PAS could be a check and balance to Umno and guard it from corruption and abuse of power,” said Ramlan.
“We are not here to rule, we are here to advise Umno,” said Monier.
Other members, such as Mohamad Zahar of Kuala Lumpur, however, questioned whether Umno was sincere and if this was yet another attempt to rescue the Malay party.
“Umno is beset with scandals, 1Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB), the RM2.6 billion donation and the people’s complaints about the economy,” said Zahar, who did not want to reveal his full name.
“So now, suddenly it’s like we’re giving them a hand up after all they’ve done to us.”
He was also critical of PAS leaders who were quick to forgive Umno but would not do the same to other parties, such as Parti Amanah Negara, formed of ex-PAS leaders and members.
Amanah has been labelled traitors by the PAS leadership yet this was nothing compared with the five decades of crackdowns on PAS activities and leaders by Umno, said Zahar.
“Why only be open-hearted to Umno? Why not Amanah or even DAP, both of whom can also strengthen PAS. If we are willing to forgive Umno which wronged us in such big ways, then surely we can forgive the others?”

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