DAP party’s only ideology seems to perpetuate the LIM and Karpal Family rule


DAP party’s only ideology seems to perpetuate the LIM and Karpal Family rule
So where does this leave DAP, a number of whose senior leaders are reportedly reluctant to contest the coming polls for fear of losing? Or rather, what does it leave for DAP? Nothing, it would appear, but dynasty, and the duty to maintain that dynasty, which Teresa Kok’  seems obliged to fulfil, despite his professed distaste for political power and his apparent lack of skill in the art of acquiring and wielding it.And if, despite all odds,can lead his party to victory, or at least to a respectable showing at the polls and not a rout,Teresa Kok’ will have an even bigger task before her. That of reinventing the DAP and giving it a reason for existence beyond that of dynastic duty.

Poor Teresa Kok’. An increasing number of people – not all of them necessarily  supporters or sympathisers – are beginning to echo that sentiment. The once formidable Grand Old Party of Chines\e politics which has been reduced to a travesty of its former self – riddled as it has been lately with scams and undermined by misgovernance and policy paralysis – seems to be playing its last desperate card Teresa Kok’ has called herself an ‘outsider’ to party politics, and has gone on record saying that political power is like ‘poison ,her video “Onederful Malaysia” and had offered a RM1,200 reward to anyone who dared slap the DAP lawmaker.Teresa Kok’s service centre was splashed with red paint and a dead chicken was placed at her doorstep, barely two weeks after a coalition of Islamic NGOs offered a reward to anyone who dared to slap her.

Kok, who recently came under fire for allegedly insulting Islam and the Malay rulers in her Chinese New Year satirical video, was informed by the management of the building at about 9.20am .
“They called me immediately after discovering what had been done,
” she said.This article is in sympathy for the beleaguered Chinese male who is confronted with an alien species: the modern Chinese woman! She is a wondrous and amazing phenomenon but a huge boob?

I don’t have an issue with pre-marital sex. It’s legal and as long as the couple is of age and it’s consensual, it’s really silly to obsess about others having it. What is upsetting, however, is the perception of a woman as a “victim” if the relationship doesn’t culminate into marriage. People say the girl was “used”, or perhaps that she was “tricked” into having sex, that it now will affect her “reputation” and in general, the girl comes out as a sobbing sad story. I strongly disagree. Women today are in every workplace. They are educated, smart and responsible. If not, that’s not the guy’s fault.He anyway wasn’t in love with her for her qualifications. People fall in love and hearts and bodies connect. That’s called being human. The girl enjoys sex as much as the guy does and when a couple splits up, to assume the guy isn’t equally hurt is absurd. But you don’t hear men wailing about being “dumped” or “used”, because men have been brought up to not display tears or signs of weakness. They are automatically and unfairly slotted as “tough” and hence, by default, as the emotionless users. How ridiculous to assume that women fall prey to a man’s charms, but that men don’t fall prey to a woman’s charm?! Talks of “character” and “reputation” are all societal prejudices and drive women to absolve themselves of all responsibility in the eventuality that things don’t go as planned.If there’s any stigma to the woman, it’s not the man, but society to blame for it because if society is so concerned about the reputation of the womsan, it only needs to reprimand itself for creating such stupid stigmas in the first place.

A coalition of conservative Malay-Muslim groups behind the “chicken and slap” protest against a lawmaker admitted to previous incidents and warned that they are a “volcano waiting to erupt” if political parties continue to incite racial hatred among Malaysians.The Council of Islamic NGOs say they represent some 30 non-governmental organisations with 500,000 members nationwide and insisted their warnings – mainly directed at DAP – should not be taken lightly.


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