DAP behind pork incident at mosque this growing lawlessness among DAP lawmakers?

DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok. Not Married But Available
From a time when we taught the world a few lessons in sex to becoming a repressed society,  Chinese are indeed one sexually confused lot
Nobody can deny that urban Chinese and the upper middle class have a somewhat more relaxed attitude towards sexuality. Indeed DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok certainly is leap years ahead of the present retarded way of looking at sex. And yet the vast majority remains puritanical and repressed, ensuring sexuality retains its dark, dangerous edge rather than freeing it to reach a level of liberating self-expression; a level where you are allowed to get over it and focus on other things in life, rather than allowing sex to prey on your mind to a fanatical level.
Looking deep into your own eyes, or another’s, can be an uncomfortable experience because not all of us are prepared for the truths revealed
 DAP legislators are known to hurl  has weighed in on the incident where a slab of meat, believed to be pork, Of course, even as we looked on in shock and horror, we know what happened What has come over us? We always knew that things were going from bad to worse, but this? They perhaps mirror our society, but something deep inside does not want to accept it.o often see a boisterous youth full of hope and enthusiasm. And then there is the naughty sparkle some mornings, which heralds Lim Guan Eng  mischievous  within Blind faith or loyalty in a dog is a laudable virtue, but when it comes to human beings, it becomes a questionable one. Very often, we are expected to display loyalty to DAP politics

One generally associates (at least would like to) lawmakers with decorum, quality, wisdom and a lot else that the common man lacks. It is for this reason that they enter the temples of our democracy – Parliament at the Centre and the assemblies in the states. Once they are there, we trust them. We expect that they would provide us leadership and governance and lead us to prosperity.Although this belief has often been belied, what is increasingly on offer these days has gone way beyond. It has shocked every right-thinking and well-meaning Indian. A spate of recent incidents shows that boorish behaviour, which is witnessing a sickening rise in society,Of course, even as we looked on in shock and horror, we know what happened In the current state of politics, when loyalties are divided like never before, when people are sick of not only the shenanigans of those who have been around for ages, but also the theatrics of those who promised a lot in recent times, when the social media is growing in importance as a medium for dissemination of information, indeed, shaping opinions, one would have hoped these guys would have learnt their lesson. Seems not.how can lawmakers be frisked when they enter the very portals where they make law? I too would have argued in their favour, but no longer. Do they deserve this special treatment? Seems they need to rid themselves not only of the red light on their cars, but the ones on top of their heads too! asked Lim Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng said today that this morning’s discovery of a dead chicken and red paint at Teresa Kok’s office would not succeed in scaring the feisty lawmaker into backing down over her Chinese New Year video. – See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/kok-wont-be-cowed-by-dead-chicken-threat.Umno is stoking racial and religious discontent, hastening brain-drain from the country, said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.The toxic atmosphere of playing with racial and religious hatred has paralysed the pursuit of happiness and accelerated the exodus of human talent,” he said. -He cited recent events that including violent demonstrations by Umno supporters, an attack against a senior civil servant who was carrying out enforcement action and the attack on a Catholic Church.

“These are clearly intended to distract attention from Umno’s price hikes even at the cost of destroying the very foundations of a nation-state so assiduously built by Umno founders Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Abdul Razak,” he said.
He cited official government statistics which had revealed that more than two million highly-skilled and talented Malaysians have left the country since  independence in 1957.
He told Malaysians not to lose hope but to compel Umno to back down from playing religious and racial games, focussing instead on the economy.We have all heard that eyes are the windows to the soul; they indicate the real you. Have you tried looking deep into your own eyes? Most people are scared of doing so, even as self-help gurus encourage us to do so. For, our eyes can sometimes reveal truths that we are not prepared to face. You could fool the whole world and even yourself into believing whatever your mind wants you to believe, but the accusing look, the hurt in your eyes will pull you up sharply. As beautifully put by a poet trying to explain the connection between eyes and the soul, “Eyes mirror our souls… actually they don’t. They have been carved out of our souls.”
Just like the body, the eyes have a language of their own. Here are some interesting tips from body language experts, which will help you unravel the language of the eyes. Too much blinking can indicate discomfort, while someone who hardly blinks may be trying to hide something. Looking directly at you? Interested in you and the conversation. Too prolonged a gaze? Threatening and could be obsessive. Looking away frequently? Distracted and hiding something. Looking closely at the eyes of a romantic interest can help you figure out if they are interested in you. Dilated pupils indicate interest.
If a person looks up towards the left, he is trying to visualise an image; when he looks up towards the right, he is trying to remember an actually remembered image. When someone looks down towards the left, experts say he is trying to recreate a remembered taste, touch or vision. When he looks down towards the right, he is talking to himself.    When truth and loyalty are in conflict, we should have the wisdom and courage to decide what to do. Unconditional loyalty is outmoded; loyalty should be conditional, based on our own set of values. A consciousness of this would give one the courage to take unpopular stances that go against the prevailing misguided opinions in groups. Silence can also be looked upon as complicity if we quietly go along with something we do not believe in.
How can the consequence of loyalty to another be self-betrayal? Being loyal to someone does not mean closing your eyes to their faults; it means keeping their well-being and best interest close to your heart. Loyalty should not mean blind faith; it should mean an on-going reality check not just for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of those we profess loyalty towards.
In fact, our loyalty as self-respecting human beings should be with our own selves. If you are a good human being, you are bound to do good not only for yourself, but also for the benefit of those you are loyal to; if not, you are not good to those who possess your loyalty anyway.
Loyalty to ideas, religion and politics is good only so long as it helps us relate with like-minded people and protects us, giving us a sense of belonging. It is good so long as it does not encourage narrow-minded bigotry. One needs to keep re-examining ideas in different contexts and bring a new light and fresh air to old, antiquated beliefs.
Most of us hold beliefs that have been passed down to us through generations without pausing to re-examine them in the light of fresh evidence or the changed reality. What good are ideas you adhered to at the age of 13 by the time you reach 50? Bring new light to well-entrenched beliefs, analyse and rethink them. Else you are deceiving your own self and being self-righteous.
Loyalty must be tempered with truth and intelligence and must adhere to the values one holds dear. It should not be confused with obedience or adherence, but should be looked upon more as a feeling, an emotion, a bonding with someone for whose benefit you are prepared to go to great lengths.

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