Mahathir’s seductive power of disruption parrots same old lies

Malaysia’s longest serving prime minister said it was only natural for him to be afraid if Anwar became the Selangor Menteri Besar, as people would not be safe.
“The staff in Selangor will not be safe, you see what happened to his staff? Anwar will be influenced by his freedom,” Dr Mahathir told reporters at the International Islamic University in Gombak.A synonym search for stubborn in gives around 25 alternate words that can be used ranging from adamant and bull-headed to cantankerous, rigid, unreasonable and a lot more.Honestly, I was tempted to use all of them as I sat down to write this piece on Mahathir-

If you were cooking up a formula for an ideal prime minister, the mixture would surely be a base of Solomon’s wisdom, with one ladle of Alexander’s strategic skills, topped off by the confidence of David, who slew heavily armed giants with a single sling-shot. But no recipe works without salt. Salt is luck. Corruption is a slippery slope for anyone in power. Mahathir should have stuck to its familiar narrative of populism and stability, for such advertising can be backed by evidence. The parallel assault on Anwar’s persona could also boomerang, since the electorate considers his can-do-must-do methods to be strength rather than weakness.

Anwar Year of living dangerously wants to be the Selangor menteri besar Dr Mahathir Mohamad admits that the prospect unnerves him..Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  today took a dig at his former deputy, saying Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s staff will not be safe if the latter became the Selangor menteri besar.
Jealousy is one of the greatest poliutical relationship killers. Whether it be your duputy who constantly suspect, unduly harass and suppress each other or inter-party unhealthy competitiveness concerning money or power. Instead of realising that they have got more than they ever had before marriage, they are so consumed by the competition and jealousy that they fail to enjoy what they have been given in pursuit of equalling what the other has been given. Gratitude, not envy is the key to a happy, big family. Gratitude for whatever has been given, be it material or choice of life partner, is what changes a stressful family dynamic into a harmonious one.
The argument that there’s no place for anarchy in our politics is hopelessly quaint. There’s a place for everything here. That’s what makes us so special. But our mainstream political parties are so obsessed with the status quo that anyone questioning it is always viewed with deep suspicion and mistrust. Anarchy raises disturbing questions. But sometimes these questions need to be asked. This does not mean anarchy is always good but, yes, it fulfills a specific task. And that task is to disrupt the established order of things. Disruption is good for change. Big bang disruption’s even better, say management theorists. It allows us to escape the clutches of the status quo, which is often morbid and necrotic. It brings in change. Unless you encourage the occasional disruption, the status quo self perpetuates, to breed a subculture of perennial exploitation. It’s said “to err is human, to forgive, divine”. We feel benevolent and “bigger” when we forgive others for their mistakes and consider ourselves “better for it”. But when it comes to atrocities we have committed to others or mistakes we have inflicted onto ourselves, we rarely look within and ask for forgiveness from ourselves. It’s so damn hard to acknowledge we are responsible for the misery of others and ourselves. So many of us give up love for an arranged marriage because the “financials” of it were better, or perhaps because we were “pressured” into it. We berate our fate and blame others for it, when in truth it was our lack of resolve and strength to do what was truly best for us. We let ourselves down repeatedly with our choices and actions and then blame the world for it. It’s okay to say “I made a mistake”, it’s okay to say “I want to change realities”. It’s okay to apologise, especially to yourself. If you can do it, you can undo it. Whether it’s life, love, career or any other choices… just remember, it’s okay to make bad decisions, it’s not okay to live with them  readmore.


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