Anti-Muslim Christian Activists wants renaissance, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is their mascot takes a jibe at the Malay-Muslims

MCA leaders beware  Questions Facing the Muslim World Anti-Blasphemy Laws

  Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said ’Umno should learn to write a more original script. Maybe Rosmah’s son can help.’
To put it succinctly it will be a battle between all that UMNO supposedly stands for and all that Christain DAP signifies. If you want to stretch the argument it will be a battle between competing visions of what constitutes the idea of Malaysia for Malaysians vs tanah Melayu for Malays
This was expected. It’s so predictably part of the plan to cause some riot to break out in Penang. Part of the threat to start another May 13 racial riot. The traitors of this country are DAP trying to stay in power by causing race and religious tension by provoking the‑Malays. Their goal is to create another May 13 at any cost.
 It was reminiscent of the lawless Wild West when roughnecks went on a rampage to assert their authority over the helpless town folk. There was nobody brave enough to Acts of this nature or similar have been happening in Penang but not in any other states controlled by Umno. The problem with those DAP lowlife forms is that they have air between their ears.stand up to the mayhem they created.STOP!!! For God’s sake, all you knuckle-headed politicians — and I mean ALL because I don’t care which party you belong to because underneath you are all cads — stop taking the country for a ride! Stop treating the public like a bunch of morons! Stop using us for your own selfish ends! Gawd, I am just so-o-o tired of hearing all the xenophobic rhetoric of Modi in which he dishes out a curious mixture of patriotism and politics seasoned generously with digs at “shehzaade”The truth is, at least so far has been, that these leaders deign to hobnob with the people ONLY at election time, so the latter know that  are like comets in their skies — dazzling but transient. movement came to a naught although

like a hydra-headed monster  Guan Eng’s juvenile attempts to … what the hell, he don’t have the vaguest idea what he was attempting to do Front finding fault with everything and everyone! Does anybody give a damn about the country? And everybody’s common whipping-boy is, of course, UMNO and Muslims If there is one thing that the last year should have taught many people then it is this – the status quo in India is changing like never before.Any civilized person closely following events in Malaysia is bound to be struck numb with shock at the senseless rape, killing and burning of houses and property of the victims. The worst perpetrator seems to be Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing urged Christians No triumph without tribulation the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has no business questioning Christians on their religion, and questioned whether Jais was employing Gestapo-style tactics in raiding the premises of the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) yesterday. (The Gestapo is the Nazi-era police used by Adolf Hilter to oppress Jews and minorities.)“Has Jais, with the aid of the police force, become an insidious type of Gestapo in Malaysia?” .Tan said the raid by Jais and the questioning of BSM staff violated the 10-point agreement reached between Putrajaya and Christian groups on the controversy over the ‘Allah’ issue. repression by extremists who want to embellish their religious credentials. These extremists hope to make their mark by instigating Christians No triumph without tribulation.There is little point in trying to debate who started what and who did what to whom, though of course the perpetrators of the calamity should be punished in an exemplary manner – though chances are they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t, because a crowd action provides sufficient anonymity to bring out the depravity in us as a people.  It is as if anonymity emboldens us to be on our worst conceivable behaviour. After all, even an otherwise peaceful people of Malaysia,No, savagery is not limited to the Rawandan genocide. Something in us keeps us ever-ready to let our savage loose at the slightest or even no provocation, as long as there is an imagined excuse to do so and sufficient anonymity of numbers to hide behind.  That’s why we see gang rapes more than solo acts, perhaps.

The Penang government will not bow to UMNO religious extremists and racial bigots, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng following this morning’s attack on a church in Lebuh Farquhar.
He said the state government will instead use the “weapons of social justice and sustainable development” to defeat the acts of violence and hatred in Penang.
“In this critical hour with shadowy extremists and racist forces conducting sustained aggression to destabilise the Penang state government, the 1.6 million Penangites must reaffirm the commitment for the past 200 years to protect, preserve and promote respect for cultural diversity, racial and religious harmony by rejecting both violence and hatred,” he said in a statement today.
Whatever it is, the arrival of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng  has shaken up the entire political establishment. Whether they succeed or not, whether their policies work or not, there is talk of innovation in the political process and the big guns are on their toes now, just like the competitive APP ecosystem. We can safely assume that the days of political complacency will be gone soon, for good.
Time for us,  to kickout  Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rejoice and hope that  election r ’20148 truly turns out to be a very Happy  to all readmore

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