Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari Speak Out he thinks political architecture is under stress in Malaysia

Datuk Johari ask If there is method to DAP’s madness in Selangor, it’s yet to be see?

The political architecture is under stress, economic management principles are in severe distress. In the bastions of Western liberalism there are deep reservations about the sustainability of the smart economic solutions of the last five decades. Jobless growth is not what was targeted but it is the reality. Increasing inequality was an unintended outcome of rapid growth. The unmasking of limitless human greed continues to shock. The moral turpitude of those paid handsomely to be in positions of financial and political trust seems to have no bounds.we fingered big business as the villain and put our faith in public enterprises to provide jobs. Instead we built a small molly coddled labour aristocracy and stamped out Malay’s entrepreneurial exuberance, whilst distributing the stagnant economic pie in ever thinner slices.we put our faith in dismantling the complex system of government controls which were strangulating industry and trade. We found that whilst this was an adequate strategy to give “escape velocity” to small, island countries, large economies like India needed deeper domestic reforms we tried to jettison structural inefficiencies and segmentation in the labour and financial markets, liberalized the external account and kick started private infrastructure development and this worked well. In the 2010s we tried to do more of the same and it stopped working, partly because the world had slowed down, partly because we had run out of reform steam.For the moment, there is a beginning of disillusionment in terms of a shift to the left to the larger parties batting for a capital economy. I believe an ex-engineer, revenue officer, and Magsaysay Award winner, kept the common man by his side, both as his conviction, as well as his strength to shift the tectonic plates for a capitalist eruption.readmore http://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/02/titiwangsa-mp-datuk-johari-speak-out-he.html

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