Singapore government and Seri Fatmawati Hambali Of coloured bras and saucy minis

A Delhi-based journalist talks, tongue-in-cheek, of starting a magazine on street fashion. In a recent Sunday Times of India column MJ Akbar spoke about the ‘young Hindu woman’: “There is change wherever the eye falls, in whatever the senses pick up: dress, public icons, sexual mores.” Hindu or not, yes, the way young women dress invites plenty of comment. It’s a befuddling area. And I, for one, have been increasingly puzzled at how the average young woman on Delhi’s streets is choosing to dress

More than fusion, it’s confusion. I can’t make head or tail of it, seriously asking myself, “What is she wearing?!” Why the layers, the unfathomable parts to an outfit, the leggings of various lengths, the flounces, the many sections. All this apart from the flash of lingerie: the coloured bra straps that must show.. Tiny tight vests, mainly in black and skin to tantalisingly cover that cleavage. Tiny tight vests, mainly in black and skin to tantalisingly cover that cleavage

Seri Fatmawati Hambali continued pressure and scrutiny from the Singapore government.Her statement specifically highlighted the difficulty the Singapore WHD group faced  “during ground research and meet ups”, and of “members of the group receiving threats that being involved may jeopardise their livelihood and affect their families”.In a live interview with The Huffington Post, Nazma said she wished to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting women, either Muslim or non-Muslim, to experience the hijab for one day. Nazma Khan, a young New Yorker.Celebrations were modest in Malaysia, as Selangor ambassador Murshidah Said joined Nazma Khan in the live interview while participants gathered near Sunway Pyramid Mall, with locals and foreigners trying on the hijab for the occasion, as shown in the Malaysia WHD Facebook page.

Readers tell me I know no better. That the world has established that the burqa is suppressive and “everyone knows Muslim women are second-class citizens”, or that my blog meant that “women who don’t wear a burqa have no dignity”.

The idea is of choice. In my world, small as that may be, there are women who have read their Koran, subscribe to it and have chosen to wear a burqa/ hijab or some form of cover, head to toe. They feel free and comfortable in their attire. They identify with the burqa. Will we snatch away their freedom only because the burqa has been made into a tool of subjugation by Muslims themselves?

On the sheer aesthetics of it, a hijab/ burqa does not put me off as much as bum cleavage does, that I can vouch for. You’re damn right, it’s none of my business. If I can tolerate that, I can tolerate the super-conservative as well, regressive or not. And by super-conservative I also mean festivals like karva chauth. But to each his own, and why are the only positions today: Left, Right and Wrong?

To me, Sarkozy brings up a Muslim women’s rights issue to rattle, rather, put the Muslim world on the back foot. We continue with the profiling by making a strong Muslim icon, the burqa, a point of contention. That’s unfair and unjust. Sarkozy never elaborated on what turbans stand for when they were banned. It was enough to say turbans are not allowed in schools because France does not want religious markers on display. But he said the burqa is not religious, making it only a tool of subservience. He denied the burqa as a religious marker, defeating his own purpose of making the statement.

There are readers who have said I’ll be okay with sati and child marriages because they’re part of Hindu culture. Despite a legislation, Sati didn’t go away until the fight against it started from within the community. Change comes only from within.

We’re still struggling with child marriage, it’s not gone away. But it is banned in India. Entrenched practices can outlive bans. On child marriages, it’s change through a constant process of negotiation, of raising awareness, coaxing, coercing, educating and a whole pantheon of effort. A ban in France on the burqa can’t help the community’s women any. Confrontation is egoistic. It’s like going down a blind alley.
I’d urge all to read Jameel’s comment. “Good to see that even hindus are supporting Islam, well why not, most of the rape victims are hindus, as they don’t cover themself properly, so the only solution is burqa.”That’s a stupid mentality. Are we up to the challenge of changing that from outside? Or suffice to take the easy way out and sneer “see, that’s how they react”? I was called this morning and told that the ulema had made a statement on the burqa. It got my goat all right. I’m not interested in what the ulema want to say on the burqa. Since they’re talking, let’s just quote the women themselves. The ulema are not representative of the women I’m talking to. Let them speak for themselves.

If Muslim women are to be “helped” by other communities, banning their outfit is a no-go. I would continue to support the right of educated Muslim women to choose chador in whatever form they want. If they want change, they’ll find ways of making it happen. I don’t believe one country’s banning it will help any. My religion tells me let all religions flourish. I’m sticking to that.
Here is Padma Lakshmi’s nude body from her supermodel days because if you want to see a naked Indian-(American) celebrity she is the only show in town. Sure there are other famous and very beautiful Indian women out there but I haven’t seen their bushes so Padma Lakshmi is it. Despite the huge and fucking terrible 7-inch scar between her right elbow and shoulder, she still manage to become a top model. Can you imagine what she could have accomplish without that thing? Her amazing natural breasts make up for the scar though, those things look like they were made for titty fucking. I don’t mind the scar because it is from n accident and at least it it not a stupid dumb moment tattoo. I just wish Padma was younger like by 20 years but she still has it for now. Anyway, I have a growing interest in Indian boobs and these naked pictures of Padma is scratching that itch.
Here is Padma Lakshmi’s cleavage at a screening of Inglourious Basterds at SVA Theatre in New York on Monday. It is enjoyable seeing Padma Lakshmi promoting Top Chef with her all natural canned goods. She look absolutely fucking hot in these cleavage revealing pictures but her monster scar is absolutely killing my erection. The last time we saw Padma Lakshmi we got a good look at her brown lollipop nipples through a sheer dress but there was her scar killing any hard-on that may have resulted. She is probably my favorite Indian piece of ass but that scar is holding her back seriously. Padma Lakshmi the is host of the top-rated TV series Top Chef. She is a former model and known as the first successful Indian supermodel.

So sure she is successful but can you just imagine what she could have achieve without that damn scar. The woman has a pair of tits that were made for titty fucking like nothing else and here I am focusing on a damn scar. The story behind it is when she was 14 years old, Padma was involved in a serious automobile accident that left a 7-inch scar between her elbow and shoulder. Anyway, I am not a doctor here so I don’t know the hell I am talking abut but I think she really need a surgery to reduce the profile of that scar. Sure as hell would do a lot for me. Click on pictures to enlarge.


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