Criminalisation on demand a totally awesome Catholic priest online network in Malaysia

If there is one thing that the last year should have taught many people then it is this – the status quo in India is changing like never before.Any civilized person closely following events in Malaysia is bound to be struck numb with shock at the senseless rape, killing and burning of houses and property of the victims. The worst perpetrator seems to be Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing urged Christians No triumph without tribulation the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has no business questioning Christians on their religion, and questioned whether Jais was employing Gestapo-style tactics in raiding the premises of the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) yesterday. (The Gestapo is the Nazi-era police used by Adolf Hilter to oppress Jews and minorities.)“Has Jais, with the aid of the police force, become an insidious type of Gestapo in Malaysia?” he asked.

Tan said the raid by Jais and the questioning of BSM staff violated the 10-point agreement reached between Putrajaya and Christian groups on the controversy over the ‘Allah’ issue. repression by extremists who want to embellish their religious credentials. These extremists hope to make their mark by instigating Christians No triumph without tribulation.There is little point in trying to debate who started what and who did what to whom, though of course the perpetrators of the calamity should be punished in an exemplary manner – though chances are they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t, because a crowd action provides sufficient anonymity to bring out the depravity in us as a people.  It is as if anonymity emboldens us to be on our worst conceivable behaviour. After all, even an otherwise peaceful people of Malaysia,No, savagery is not limited to the Rawandan genocide. Something in us keeps us ever-ready to let our savage loose at the slightest or even no provocation, as long as there is an imagined excuse to do so and sufficient anonymity of numbers to hide behind.  That’s why we see gang rapes more than solo acts, perhaps.

This pervasive Christian propaganda in Malaysia needs to be brought into question.The government needs to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm carefully how best to go about this.Because on the one hand religious freedoms are protected by the Constitution, but on the other dominant religions are brought to professional education settings to teach learners of a compulsory and correct way of life,rather than to expose them to options they may choose from.It is here that behaviours are ‘corrected’ and diversity shunned.Other learners are quite literally forced to comply with this kind of oppressive disservice.

But essentially what you are preaching to learners,as it were,is that they are not equal.People with certain beliefs are ‘preferred’ while others are ignored and silenced,thereby maintaining social patterns of inequality and discrimination and rendering the school setting as a space for learning how to be proper.That to be proper you must be Christian. This brings questions of democracy into question.We operate from the pretences that diversity is prioritised and accommodated in our country and then we go and teach learners that their traditional beliefs,for instance,are inferior to dominant Christianity.That they need to shove them in professional settings and “put their act” together,thereby further entrenching post-colonial discourses. There has got to be away to accomodate diversity in this country,starting with schools,that does not assume homogeneity.Either religious practices are banned in public school settings or ALL kinds of beliefs are given equal platform.

Pakiam says Najib should interfere to put an end to the religious tension over the Allah saga. – The Malaysian Insider pic, February 1, 2014.

Regrettably,the church and state separation in Malaysi does not materialise as clearly as it should. Particularly when it comes to religious practice in  Malaysias through assemblies,collective prayers and other,mostly Christian rituals in public,non religious identifying Muslims Malaysia constitution promotes a ‘Co-operative Model”  policy for religion and public education,in which separate areas of influence for religion and the state are prioritised while while promoting cooperation between the two.Here,citizens are said to be protected from religious discrimination. It also promotes co-operation between religious groups and the state. Finally, it supports Religion Education in public school curriculum.

As outrageous as the Christian Right’s overall agenda is, their specific arguments and beliefs can be worse. I have written many articles exploring the arguments and beliefs advocated the Christian Right in order to reveal just how awful, and awfully absurd, they can be. Mere words, though, cannot always convey the true absurdity of a position. Even the most carefully reasoned argument will not carry the emotional impact of the original ideas being dissected.

The 75-year-old former Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur was referring to the church’s legal battle over the use of the word “Allah”.

For a man whose church is being targeted over the Allah row, Pakiam looked upbeat.

But he was cautious when asked about the case, saying that the Allah issue was far from over.

The Church has filed an appeal with the Federal Court, following the Court of Appeal’s ruling last year favouring Putrajaya’s ban on the use of the word “Allah” in Catholic weekly, Herald.

Visual imagery, though, can often communicate ideas more quickly than words and convey emotions more immediately than any argument. For that reason I have created propaganda posters which promote some of the beliefs of the Christian Right. The intention is satirical, not sympathetic, but even so I believe that both the images and the words accurately reflect what some on the Christian Right belief and advocate. The original posters were produced as government propaganda, mostly during the first and second world wars.

Photo: Pray for the unity of the Church.

Jesus the son of Allahborn believing in God but get initiated into inclusion and growth. Conversely, Westerners are born believing in inclusion and growth but end up becoming devotees of God on reaching Malaysia. This illustrates how the two beliefs converge if citizens have the freedom to choose.Can the devotion that God inspires be evoked for the State?Overcoming the instinctive desire to save oneself is an outcome of intensive training; peer pressure; personal loyalty to the group and role model type leadership on the battle field. This is accompanied by close, often, quite intimate, habitation and isolation from the external non-military environment and of course the harsh disciplinary regime to which everyone is subjected.
However,according to Na’eem Jeenah, “Religion Education is a form of education which does not focus on any one particular religion but teaches about many different religions. Its aim is not to teach learners about their own religions only and it does not teach how to pray and the details of how to perform other duties in their traditions. Its aim is to teach learners about the different religions that exist in our country and the rest of the world so that we might be able to understand each other and each other’s traditions better. Educators teaching Religion Education have to be careful to treat all the religions fairly. This is the form of education which should be carried out in public schools.”

Photo: #Pope John Paul the 2nd on the Eucharist.... What is it that many dont get?

a totally awesome Catholic priest network in malaysia  have an online dirty tricks department, and their role is to function outside the direct command, playing a surrogate role, There are no rules, and the objective is to throw mud at individuals in the hope some of it sticks. A majority of the toxic posts you see on Facebook or Twitter – videos, cartoons, articles – are created by an army of paid and unpaid sympathisers.unpatriotic act – everything that would not stand scrutiny in a legitimate news organisation is fair game. a totally awesome Catholic priest network in malaysia leaders turn a blind eye to this – unfortunate, but perhaps necessary in the current high-stakes climate.

This is the real ‘paid media’ no one talks about.

Self-professed internet “evangelists” can safely hang up their boots. They now have among them an evangelist they can’t possibly compete with – the Pope himself. In a message from the Vatican on Thursday, Pope Francis gave the Internet and social media the papal approval. Talking about how communication and dialogue can unite humanity, he said, “The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.”

And it did not just end with a vanilla endorsement. The 76-year-old Argentine had some pious tips for digital communication as well. “Those who communicate, in effect, become neighbours. The Good Samaritan not only draws nearer to the man he finds half dead on the side of the road; he takes responsibility for him. Jesus shifts our understanding: it is not just about seeing the other as someone like myself, but of the ability to make myself like the other. Communication is really about realizing that we are all human beings, children of God. I like seeing this power of communication as ‘neighbourliness’,” he said, while also advocating the need to step back once in a while from the speed of modern digital communication, and reflect on one’s actions.

It should come as little surprise that the Pope should talk about the internet so. Already being lauded for his engagement with the youth and a modern worldview, Pope Francis is no stranger to viral fame. His selfie from August last year – the “first ever Papal selfie” as it was called – made international headlines. More recently, a picture of him embracing and blessing a man afflicted with leprosy went viral. His statement on homosexuality ( “Who am I to judge?” ) has been widely shared online as an image macro. A video of a child walking up to the Pope mid-speech, and then proceeding to park himself on his chair after hugging him, has received the less than three rating that really means a ten — internet love in the form of a “<3”.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon. His appointment itself was followed keenly on social media channels such as Twitter. An account called @PapalConclave kept its followers posted of the developments with its cheeky, irreverent and humorous updates. In this age of Twitter resignations, the Pope announced his arrival with a tweet from his official account @pontifex – an all caps, “HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM”. Yesterday’s statement on online behaviours perfectly befits him and cements his place among his followers – on Twitter or otherwise.

The weight of a hipster vote (contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t weigh an Instagram) goes a long way. Just a few years ago, on fora such as Reddit, pedophilia jokes dominated any conversation about the church or the papal office. Atheism was touted as the more desirable option. After having charmed and captured a young audience, his consistent positive and progressive messages of social good have shifted the conversation completely. There is now an AMA (Ask Me Anything) request for the Pope on Reddit with other threads comparing his performance (more than favourably) to his predecessor, Pope Benedict.

Whatever the terms of engagement, it’s clear from his statement that the Pope has not lost sight of his goal. He hopes to use the communications revolution “to share with others the beauty of God.”

During my time as a fundamentalist inerrantist christian, I subscribed to various apologetic newsletters, most of which I still continue to receive. Prior to the beginning of my journey to deconversion, I greatly enjoyed reading this material, and eagerly anticipated receiving and devouring each issue for the purpose of defending the faith. These collections of propaganda I have amassed include news journals from Koinonia House Ministries (Chuck Missler), Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham), Times Square Church Pulpit Series newsletters (David Wilkerson), and Harvest Ministries (Greg Laurie), to name a few.

At the time, I was unaware of any criticism of the ideas expressed in these mailings, and had no reason to doubt the truthfulness and accuracy of them. I truly believed that the holy spirit was working through these men to help equip christians to “be prepared to give an answer for the hope you have….” (1 peter 3:15) and “contend for the faith” (Jude 3).

As my research of christianity went deeper and deeper, I began to encounter huge problems (discrepancies, contradictions, absurdities, contrivances, widespread ambiguity, scientific impossibilities, and serious intellectual dishonesty). This, coupled with the wide range of differing beliefs I was seeing among supposed “spirit-filled” christians, marked the early stage of my downward spiral into disbelief.

Over time, after my repeated attempts to justify, rationalize, and harmonize the problems using all available resources (apologetic author’s “solutions”, commentaries, meetings with church elders, etc.) failed, I reluctantly began to seek answers from critical sources. At this point, I just wanted to get to the truth, so getting both sides of the issue seemed logical, even though I was warned to stick to christian writings. During this time, I was continually stressed mentally from the guilt that resulted from my disbelief, because we charismatic christians were warned continually from the pulpit that satan was always waiting to pounce on us, eager to take away our salvation, and that this type of doubting was one sure way to give him a firm foothold in our spiritual lives. Needless to say, it was hard to get any good sleep during this time. I often stayed up very late almost every night for months doing research.

This was an important crossroad in my life, for on one hand, my tireless quest for truth was clearly leading me away from christian beliefs, while at the same time I was still desperately looking for something…ANYTHING…. to replenish my crumbling faith, in which I had invested virtually everything.

Finally, after many months of serious analysis and with much reluctance, I allowed the tremendous weight of rational, logical thought and true biblical scholarship to come crashing down on my faith, and I deconverted. I could not, and would not allow myself to base my entire life on such a flimsy, uncertain and dishonest foundation.

Now I see christian apologetic writings as pure propoganda. I now can pick apart all of them and expose the deceit, useless circular reasoning and lack of honesty.

I have decided to do this on a regular basis. The following is a brief examination of one of the biggest manufacturers of christian propaganda today: Chuck Missler and Koinonia House Ministries.


The following biography of Chuck Missler was taken from , his ministry’s own website.

Chuck and Nancy Missler (wife) were both raised in Southern California.

Chuck demonstrated an aptitude for technical interests as a youth. He became a ham radio operator at age nine and started piloting airplanes as a teenager. While still in high school, Chuck built a digital computer in the family garage.

His plans to pursue a doctorate in electrical engineering at Stanford University were interrupted when he received a Congressional appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Graduating with honors, Chuck took his commission in the Air Force. After completing flight training, he met and married Nancy. Chuck joined the Missile Program and eventually became Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles.

Chuck made the transition from the military to the private sector when he became a systems engineer with TRW, a large aerospace firm. He then went on to serve as a senior analyst with a non-profit think tank where he conducted projects for the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. During that time, Chuck earned a master’s degree in engineering at UCLA, supplementing previous graduate work in applied mathematics, advanced statistics and information sciences.

Recruited into senior management at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, Chuck established the first international computer network in 1966. He left Ford to start his own company, a computer network firm that was subsequently acquired by Automatic Data Processing (listed on the New York Stock Exchange) to become its Network Services Division.

Returning to California, Chuck found himself consulting, organizing corporate development deals, serving on the board of directors at several firms, and specializing in the rescuing of financially troubled technology companies. He brought several companies out of Chapter 11 and into profitable operation. Chuck thrived on this type of work.

As Chuck notes, his day of reckoning came several years ago when — as the result of a merger — he found himself the chairman and a major shareholder of a small, publicly owned development company known as Phoenix Group International. The firm established an $8 billion joint venture with the Soviet Union to supply personal computers to their 143,000 schools. Due to several unforeseen circumstances, the venture failed. The Misslers lost everything, including their home, automobiles and insurance.

It was during this difficult time that Chuck turned to God and the Bible. As a child he developed an intense interest in the Bible; studying it became a favorite pastime. In the 1970s, while still in the corporate world, Chuck began leading weekly Bible studies at the 30,000-member Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in California. He and Nancy established Koinonia House in 1973.

Chuck had enjoyed a longtime, personal relationship with Hal Lindsey, who upon hearing of Chuck’s professional misfortune, convinced him that he could easily succeed as an independent author and speaker. Over the years, Chuck had developed a loyal following. (Through Doug Wetmore, head of the tape ministry of Firefighters for Christ, Chuck learned that over 7 million copies of his taped Bible studies were scattered throughout the world.) Koinonia House then became Chuck’s full-time profession.

Nancy Missler attended UCLA where she studied art. She met Chuck on a blind date in 1956 and they married the following year. Through Christian author and speaker Henrietta Mears, Nancy became a Christian, and she devoted herself to her family, raising the Misslers’ four children, Chip, Mark, Lisa and Michelle.. Nancy also established a company, Missler Aerial Photography Service, that specialized in aerial and architectural photography.

After almost 20 years of marriage they appeared on the outside to have it all: challenging careers, beautiful home and many of the trappings of an extremely successful lifestyle. Despite their strong commitment to Christ, their marriage was falling apart. Nothing seemed to work and they appeared destined for divorce.

But, before such a drastic action, Nancy began to search the Scriptures for the answers to her broken heart. As she started practicing what the Lord revealed, a sequence of events began that revolutionized their marriage! Her studies have continued over 20 years as the Lord has revealed hundreds of Scriptures to guide and direct her steps.

Her first book, Why Should I be The First To Change? describes the miracle of her healed marriage. She followed this with The King’s High Way Trilogy: The Way of Agape, Be Ye Transformed and Faith in the Night Seasons. These are study courses that teach the practical application of how to love as God desires; how to renew our minds so we can be transformed into His image; and, how to experience unshakeable faith so we can enjoy intimacy with Him.

More than 400,000 copies of Nancy’s books have been sold to date. She has spoken to women’s groups throughout the United States as well as Europe, Australia, Israel, Thailand and New Zealand. She has appeared many times on national television and given hundreds of radio interviews.

Nancy and Chuck now travel and teach through their ministry, Koinonia House, and they remain dedicated to create, develop and distribute materials which stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

Missler has a seemingly impressive background.

Missler’s Beliefs

The following is a small sampling of ridiculous biblical theories put forth or endorsed by Missler and his ministry over the years. Many of these have been debunked and some are no longer promoted by Missler.

1. He thought the face on Mars indicated that there are Martians who are planning an attack on earth via the moon which would signal the start of the Tribulation. It has been a number of years since he has said this.

2. He thinks that once Mars was so close to earth that you could see its two moons. The proof offered was that Jonathan Swift in his famous book, Gulliver’s Travels (1726), describes Mars as having two small moons, way before these two moons were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall. He explains this by saying that Mars in ancient times was very close to the earth so man could see these two moons. Then Jupiter ejected a comet (now the planet Venus) which passed close to earth, causing the plagues of Egypt, and parting the Red Sea for Moses. Centuries later Venus jolted Mars into its present orbit. This theory is a delusional fantasy that is devoid of facts.

3.He believes the Bible is one single, harmonious, unified, inspired book, and every detail, every word, every letter, was put there by the authorship of the holy spirit for a reason. He believes this regardless of the well- supported fact that the bible is mostly pseudographical, and has been edited, revised, and embellished many times over.

4. He considers the war in Iraq a prelude to the establishment of the Antichrist’s kingdom on earth, as foretold in the Book of Revelations. He believed and promoted the same type of scenario in regard to the potential nuclear exchange between the U.S. and the Soviet Union In the 1980’s.

5. He was among the group of doomsday quacks that believed and preached that the Y2K glitch would usher in the “end times”.

Missler has many, many other wild theories and claims he has concocted and supported over the years.

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