Najib the last bureaucrat recapturing the Reforms space political strategy unclear

Najib’s reluctance to face debates or criticism makes him a serious liability to UMNO and Barisan for undermining democracy.

This will affect more Barisan’s chance of retaining power in the next general election.

Najib Razak will NEVER be elected as the next PM because he is corrupted to the core (Scorpene Scandal) and the death of an innocent woman (Altantuya). Besides he is immoral, a coward and an idiot as well. Malaysians would definitely support and vote in Mr. Anwar Ibrahim as the next legit Prime Minister of a New Malaysia. Najib can go to hell for all we care! Liar, cheater and most corrupted in the country – Najib Razak.Born with a silver spoon , as an MP after his Father’s passing, married a princess(before Rosmah) and inherited the PMship after Sleepy Pak Lah, you expect him to be a good leader , decisive and self.confident? Never work a day in his life, he probably want to turn the Prime Minister’s post to be life.long like a monarchy. But, the Rakyat will not allow it

Arrogant leaders do not even deign to speak to the Opposition or the voters who oppose them.

Arrogance is breeding mediocrities abound in UMNO and Barisan. The arrogance of leadership is dooming the coalition. Arrogant leadership candidates will also be doomed by the voters as at the end of the day the people will decide who should become their leaders.

Voters have time and time again rejected arrogant leaders and made their participation in the political process gloomy. Ignoring the people in a democracy will result in people bringing in changes in the voting pattern beyond the misfortune of one arrogant politician.

They must have have seen this portent in history before.

Many governments have fallen due to their political egos and the fact that the voters no longer found the egoistic leaders as assets to the nations.

Promoting coerced obedience to politics and policies and subscribing to beliefs that only a single party or coalition can rule the country is damaging UMNO. Opinion polls in the country are now showing dwindling support for UMNO and Barisan.

It is not their policies in governance per se. It is the fact that people do not support these policies when they are tinged with arrogance or snobbishness. However, despite all the negative feedback from the public it does not seem to tweak these leaders.

They do not want to speak to the Opposition in the august house of Parliament and little do they realise that by doing so they are in truth not speaking to the electorate and this is incurring the people’s wrath.

To UMNO, politics and budget have become a marketing package for political survival and not for the people to debate on the practicality of their budget policies.

Najib has thus failed to engaging people in the political process in a democracy. But his demeanours are being spun by the government-controlled media not as undemocratic.  Najib’s lack of concern and curse for the Opposition is not going to push up his popularity ratings.

It has in fact resulted in the mediocrity of politics. This is due to Najib’s self-made pomposity. UMNO is desperately creating a political class in society. No leader should be hailed as a natural leader just because his lineage had been in politics in the past.

The Najib is working overtime to prove his reforms credentials. Or should we say: re-prove them. After being hobbled down by a Leftist Mahathir’steam for far too long, UMNO seems to have found its space all over again. In doing so, UMNOis playing a shrewed political game – sensing an opportunity which few others have sensed. It has also managed to de-position Mahathir’s team. Economist, the utter desperation on the part of UMNO, to keep its head above water, allows itself to sink to an all time low. With an election looming in the horizon and sensing a fear of suffering a humiliating defeat, these UMNO desperados with their couterie of goons and guns are doing all in their power to discredit the opposition. Vulture journalism, spins, and gutter reporting by their media organ Utusan are also working hand in hand with them to achieve this evil task. “Rather than winning his own mandate, Brown, unelected and indecisive, watched his authority drain away until he was boxed into calling an election right at the end of his term – which he then lost.” Same boat. Lets hope the people stand up and make it count this GE13why would it want to haven Najib as the PM? It could have had any pliant politician to hold the job until Mahathir’s son The UMNOhas made a huge mistake in opposing reforms. Whatever the party may do to explain that every reform is not related to FDI, in the common person’s space, it is. If more FDI enters the country, the country progresses faster. They get more jobs. There are more The middle class is savvy enough to demand alternate solutions rather than just questions being asked.became ready. Here’s the other truth about the middle class. They love ANWAR, no matter what attempts the Mahathir’s team’S may make in calling him a puppet of foreign power  . There is a strong belief that ANWARis clean and in today’s politics – when Mahathir and party PresidentNajib is again and again getting embroiled in corruption controversies – even that is good enough.

Najib had again avoided a much expected debate in Parliament that, probably, could have made him perceived as a better leader than the Opposition leader. In fact, now the only skill Najib has is a mysterious facility to push away the people with his arrogant approach to politics.

If Najib’s energy and ability could be channelled into positive political changes and growth through a sound political debate, the people would not be mired in the current political uncertainties. Instead, the nation would have a thriving society of real achievements.

Here’s how. UMNO’s traditional voter base has been the rural poor, the farmers and the Muslims
but having a separate identity helps their leaders secure a more prime place in governance and in politics. The big point however is that UMNO’s politics is about rural areas.While every party is pro-poor and pro-rural folks,umno is the biggest claimant to this class of voters.
To this,anwar added in 2008 the fast growing segment of urban middle class, usually pakatan strong hold.PAKATAN added this segment on the back of a few gaping holes in the umno armory. Traditionally, the biggest bugbear of the urban middle class – its complaint with the BJP – has been the “ketuan melayu” agenda of the party. Most urbanites have evolved and moved away from petty religious issues and do believe in communal harmony. The focus has shifted towards economic progress

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is akin to the dithering former British prime minister Gordon Brown who failed to call for elections while he was still relatively popular, said international weeklyEconomist.

By showing an indifferent attitude towards the Opposition in the Parliament Najib has put aside issues of national interest in a democracy.

All the while UMNO leaders have shown their superior authority just because they have been at the helm for almost half a century.  It can be observed through their media how they treat the voice of the Opposition nothing more than some rambling to suit their selfish cause and political expediency.

The arrogance has in fact reached such heights that they now have even refused to be in Parliament to hear the Opposition’s voice.

UMNO will have to look at the payoffs for such arrogance. Barisan is now on the brinks of being thrown out in the next general election.

It looks like Najib doesn’t know the art of tolerance and is not aware of something called “showing respect”.

Politics need some serious competition. Najib has gone bizarre and arrogant with the way he is dealing with the Opposition and this has brought down his popularity ratings.  The people are also displeased because of the arrogance of few other irrational politicians in Barisan close to Najib.

The malaise of UMNO will continue, no doubt. Thus, it’s all but necessary to bring down the arrogance of UMNO to some rational level.  This is arrogance in leadership.

Apparently, UMNO politics is suffering from a pandemic of hubris – their extreme false pride and haughtiness. They are striving hard to exhibit superiority in a position of power. Unfortunately, UMNO now has a loss of contact with reality and is unknowingly overrating its own competence and capabilities.

When leaders ignore the populace and engage in politics and policies that have little or no public support they will be discarded by voters.

UMNO and Barisan are perceived by the electorate being soiled by dirty politics, sycophancy and corruption. The electorate do not want to be buried under the bad governance and corruption of the ruling party.

Added to this is their arrogance that is diminishing their chances of retaining power in the next general election that will be called any time before June 2013.

When the country has leaders that are far from up-to-the-task of defending or building the society and prepared to be criticised in an open debate it’s not going to floret a nation of real success.

The truth is that the Budget 2013 tabled in Parliament on 28 September 2012 is not well received by majority of the populace. And the government media has to mollify the weaknesses found in the budget with the intention to lie and lull the public.

If Prime Minister Najib Razak believes that his budget that features RM3 billion in one-time cash hand-outs is enough to appease the people, he must be obviously wrong. Voters feel that these hand-outs are not going to be translated into votes for UMNO or Barisan in the next general election.

Be that as it may, to the electorate now is that Najib’s fear of the Opposition leader was confirmed when he was missing in Parliament during the 90-minute speech on the 2013 budget by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Monday 1 October 2012.

Najib has again “avoided” a crucial debate with the Opposition and this time it’s on a national budget that the electorate are keen to know more about its pros and cons and also the different financial policies of both Barisan and Pakatan.

The opportunity to hear the best moments of these two leaders in a democratic budget debate did not materialise. This is a shame to the country’s parliamentary democracy as the “turn down” by Najib was widely reported in the media worldwide.

To throw salt into the wound, all cabinet members were conspicuously absent on October 1 2012 in Parliament to listen to the Opposition leader’s speech.  This is an immature act on the part of Najib, UMNO and Barisan politicians in the process of democracy.

To the electorate this disrespect for democracy smacks of snootiness or arrogance.

The educated electorate will never forgive Najib and team for being snobbishly aloof. The latter’s action is evident that the cabinet not only did not respect the democratic system, but also proved that they were not prepared to face criticism or opposing views.

This is just against parliamentary convention.

When there is no real discussion or dissention on critical public issues like a national budget by both the government and the Opposition public intelligence is insulted.

In most countries leaders from both the political divide will stay back in parliament to participate in budget debates.  This has always been the practice in democratic parliaments.


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