Malaysian Jai Ho Victory Celebration After Defeating Najib and his Mafia Gang Keeping the faith the demise of the evil Barisan National MCA, MIC and Gerakan

MCA are traitors to the Chine  ’What the MCA President is doing is crying wolf against the very citizens who are doing what would benefit the country most, exercising their democratic rights.   MCA President announced that he would support UMNO-Barisan government to keep communal force at bay, he was taking a leaf out of the Left’s book. … Read more


Have you ever noticed how some people are determined to always get the last word in in every argument, discussion or debate? How they seem to wait till everyone is just about finished,…Read More

So now it is a ‘leaked’ photo on cyberspace accusing DSAI of jetting into East Malaysia. Just wondering if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is only allowed to make it on a sampan as he is an Opposition Leader? Or that anyone who is from opposition cannot have friends in high places who want to support … Read more

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today predicted that Barisan Nasional (BN) was “likely” to continue its rule after the next polls with a weak government but said this would be an undesirable outcome as the pact would be preoccupied with its own survival instead of the country’s development. The country’s former prime minister pointed out that … Read more

“The next general election determines the survival of the Malays.” What PM Najib said in his hometown Pekan did sound a little alarming, but a little prudent thinking should reveal the fact that things need not always work this way. The Malays have flourished in this land for thousands of years, and have for at … Read more

Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), upbeat at its improved prospects, has said it will seek to re-contest all the seats it lost in the 2008 general election. Winnabilitycriterion is must for a candidate. … It has been a compulsion of political parties toselect candidates keeping in view the caste considerations even as caste system in selecting in winnable candidate, it is … Read more


If you want to know who will form the next government in SELANGOR, you will have to check with either God or toyol , and neither seem very communicate on the subject.Any democracy…Read More 





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