Fat, paunchy Rafidah Aziz style: the imagined utility of obstructionism and Najib throws our women to the wolves



Have you ever noticed how some people are determined to always get the last word in in every argument, discussion or debate? How they seem to wait till everyone is just about finished,…Read More

So now it is a ‘leaked’ photo on cyberspace accusing DSAI of jetting into East Malaysia. Just wondering if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is only allowed to make it on a sampan as he is an Opposition Leader? Or that anyone who is from opposition cannot have friends in high places who want to support … Read more

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today predicted that Barisan Nasional (BN) was “likely” to continue its rule after the next polls with a weak government but said this would be an undesirable outcome as the pact would be preoccupied with its own survival instead of the country’s development. The country’s former prime minister pointed out that … Read more


God knows this nation needs Malaysia’s women to speak up.I hope   women show the same grit, perseverance and belligerence that their men are known for.They’re not allowed to talk but that hasn’t stopped them from airing an opinion, even if they have to talk to the walls.And now, at least, the media is listening keenly. predicts that the violence will grow because nowadays ‘men’ don’t have the stature to ‘earn the community’s respect’ so they use aggression and fear to control the younger generations. Their clout is fading, they are becoming ‘inconsequential’ and they aim now, only and only to keep control over resources: land and water, the commons areas.
And these strongmen have a symbiotic relationship with politicos and police.The first thing that strikes a ‘women’s issues’ reporter belt is the absence of NGOs.  fights it out with her team, one step at a time, quietly, relentlessly.Empowerment is never given is it? It must be seized. Khaps, take care, ‘your’ women have grabbed the podium. And I have a sneaking feeling that they don’t want to do away with khaps. Maybe a change of gender in the khap make-up is what they’re aiming at. Am I dreaming? And why not? What’s a future without a dream? What’s a fight without a dreamRELATED ARTICLE https://nambikaionline.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/najib-embroiled-in-a-tsunami-of-criticism-for-saying-women-are-mens-toy-no-need-for-womens-rights-movement-in-msia/

If child marriage is a reality, despite the existence of the law for over  decades, and sex among young adults too isn’t a rarity anymore, is it time for us to change our approach towards dealing with sexual and reproductive concerns of the under-18s. Criminalisation is clearly not enough to tackle deep-rooted social issues. How about a new approach.f Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz Any ideas?  The CEO of the Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit committed to actionable ideas and solutions, spoke with the t about the Institute’s new focus on encouraging youth to serve America after graduation”If everybody could come out of college — or [be] career-ready coming out of high school — and serve in the military, … Read more HOW TO EMPLOY WOMEN A COMMITMENT TO ACTIONABLE IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS

Malaysian women were not “fools” who will fall for the offers put forth by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) such as the promises of a homemakers’ savings scheme and childcare allowance, former Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said today.Standards of gender discrimination,some gems of judicial wisdom .It’s confirmed that the two judicial experts who found statutory rape of two minors a non-issue need help in understanding what rape is – or else they will go on delivering reproachful judgments in favour of rapists. On Aug 28, Sessions Court judge Nisa Abdul Aziz released …Read more

The former minister told reporters at the inaugural Asian Business Seminar Circuit that PR’s pledges to housewives might influence those who were short-sighted, but it would not affect those who thought of their children.NBC News, along with  leading US newspaper, insist that Egyptians should be grateful to the US for having ‘freed’ them US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude By Glenn Greenwald One prominent strain shaping American reaction to the protests in the Muslim world is bafflement, and even anger, that those Muslims are not more grateful … Read more

“If everybody wants to play the women’s issues to win the election, then good luck to them.

“The women are not fools in the country. Don’t use us,” Rafidah said.

An Exposition of the Way in which a Man may Discover the Faults in his Soul. Have you ever been tempted to do what you should rightfully be doing? Most probably not! For, the very definition of temptation is wishing to do that which you are not supposed to do! You are tempted to do … Read more

An email I received from a men’s organisation might have been the trigger, but the question has been floating around waiting to be debated. Is it time for the Indian government to re-examine its approach towards tackling gender-based issues?

The strongly worded email I mentioned came from the Men’s Rights Association, an organisation that works towards creating awareness about the abuse of men in society. Referring to the ‘Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill’ which was passed by the lower House of the Parliament on September 3, the group was writing to register their strong protest. “We strongly oppose the gender bias and anti-male nature of this law and demand that this law should be made gender neutral,” they stated pointing out that other countries which had such protective workplace legislation also included men in its secure ambit. They cited 25 countries including the Nordic countries, UK and even neighboring Pakistan as having gender-neutral workplace harassment norms. The stance is valid. If a woman employee can seek protection against harassment at her office, why not a victimized man? The ministry has set up a committee to study the issue of men’s harassment, but the new law is only indicative of a larger conundrum.

Pro-women legislation has had a historical basis in India, given the inherent patriarchal nature of Indian society and women’s vulnerability to violence. Legislation is only the first step and it is true that despite a plethora of women-friendly laws, victims continue to struggle with societal scourges of child marriage, dowry, domestic violence or the likes.nah Abdullah chairman of Insan Mulia Welfare Foundation  should try and be true to her own self, to her motivations, her dreams, her compulsions and circumstances. A sacrificial, docile woman who is forced  as PROSTITUTE anachronistic today as would be a cry to Mother Earth to open up to prove her fidelity. why PKR members had … Read more

But the demand for gender-neutrality is perhaps a timely step towards heralding a sense of gender equality in its true spirit. Gender-neutrality seeks to bring a sense of balance to a debate that often becomes polarized into black and white shades of feminist versus anti-women.

India has already taken positive steps in this direction. The latest in this bouquet has been the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill passed in the Parliament which looked at the possibility of child victims being either girls or boys. Rape laws too have been amended to acknowledge violence against men. The Union cabinet recently amended the title of the Inter-state Migrant Workmen Act 1979 into workers to include women workers in its ambit.

The men’s organization claims that government officials had told them that “protecting men was not their mandate”. Gender neutral laws have perhaps paved the way towards eliminating such a tunnel vision approach.

While we are miles away from Nordic countries in ensuring gender equality to be able to eliminate protective women’s laws, it is perhaps time to incorporate gender-neutral approaches in governance, in small ways. The women and child department could perhaps set-up a sub-ministry to look into gender-equality with a mandate that caters equally to both sexes. Women’s help lines could seek to counsel male victims of abuse.

It is true that merely bringing in gender-neutrality may not herald gender sensitivity. But it is a start, nonetheless.

“If everybody wants to play the women’s issues to win the election, then good luck to them.

“The women are not fools in the country. Don’t use us,” Rafidah said.


“Are you Jewish?” I nodded. My face flushed, and I looked down at my shaking hands. I taught Hebrew school at my synagogue. I received the Rabbi’s Scholarship for Outstanding Work in the Jewish Community. I kept kosher. And I was 19 and pregnant. “Ok that’s good, because there is a philanthropic Jewish women’s group that offers a … Read more

The Kuala Kangsar MP added that there were more issues pertaining to women that needed focus, such as access to training, education and micro credit schemes to set up small businesses, all of which she said were more important and already being offered by the Barisan Nasional government.

“Of course, women make half of the vote so everyone wants to cater to them but please, women of Malaysia, don’t be short sighted; don’t take that kind of bait.

“Look long term across the horizon and think about your own daughters and their future with what the Barisan Nasional government has put in place. You cannot deny that,” Rafidah said.he Lembah Pantai MP said To be a successful UMNO politician inMalaysia, an individual must be blessed with three attributes: the art of listening patiently, the ability to tolerate fools and the skin of a rhinoceros . Most of the successful practitioners of what has come to be a disreputable profession in Malaysia normally manage …Read more

Yesterday, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said a PR government would introduce a savings scheme called the Caruman Wanita Nasional for homemakers and a childcare allowance for poor households as part of the opposition pact’s pitch to win the crucial female votes ahead of the general election expected soon.

The PKR president said the proposed savings scheme would be a social safety net for women homemakers, and would cost taxpayers RM3 billion a year.

Under the proposed scheme, a PR government would provide a yearly payment of RM600 to homemakers, while ensuring the husband also contributes a sum ranging from RM120 to RM1,200 per year.

The scheme’s target is to ensure that a homemaker will have at least savings of RM30,000 at age 50.

Wan Azizah said PR expects up to five million homemakers to benefit from such a scheme.


Love need not know any boundaries or norms; love can never be inappropriate unless it hurts another or dishonours your commitment to someone What are the emotions you would like to arouse in others, and what is it that you couldn’t stand anyone to feel for you? The best bit about being a woman is wielding the …Read moreTHE SHEER STRENGTH A WOMAN HAS THE SENSUOUS, INTOXICATING POWER OF BEING A WOMAN


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