Of Noh Omar and the ‘jokers ‘Once bitten, the scar remained.we never going to dance again with you Noh Omar “God willing” enjoy the songs.

The MACC is a political tool of Umno …..this is so blatanly clear in the eyes of all in Malaysia and the World !

Why dont the MACC investigate the MB Negri who tranfer millions to uk ??

Yet Macc would ‘Investigate till Death ,Teoh Beng Hock over a mere few Thousand ringgit !

MACC should Investigate the millions amassed by Mahathir,the Marina Island Langkawi, the multi million bakery etc etc.

Its all Rakyat money !!

Hidup Reformasi !

Over 1800 deaths in Malays Police Custody….over 1800 deaths!!!! …a staggering number that No Civilised Country will tolerate .

.Do remember the following:

Kugan, Teoh Beng Huat, Altantuya ,Ulaganathan,B.Prabakar, Sanjeer Kumar, Gunasegaran


Yogeswaran, Kumar Krishnasamy,A.Gnanpragasam and the many many more who died at the hands of the Malaysia Police.

Till date NO ONE has been charged and the killings continue.

Oh Malaysia ,our hearts bleed for you !

Winners take all!

Selangor Voter must be trained to offer Basic Life Support

The government over the last couple of years has been accused of suffering from policy paralysis. Maybe so. But the moment it decided to shake it off and carry out so-called big bang reforms, it exposed what is perhaps a bigger malady: the opposition’s response paralysis. Events of last fortnight point to some brilliant strategizing by the BARISAN party.  The political discourse has changed completely and has the government setting the agenda once more with everyone else reacting to it.

Tennis legend, Martina Navratilova once said, “the moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else.” We are often told that the journey is more important than the destination, but so many of us are in such a bloody rush to get to winning post, that it’s often a costly exercise. Whenever I see people with permanently etched frowns, run ragged with exhaustion, constantly irritable with those around, or frequently riddled with health issues due to lowered immunities and stress having taking its toll I wonder whether the satisfaction of the moment of victory will be worth all of it and if they will spend as much time basking in it as they did to achieve it. But that rarely happens, because barely do we reach our goals without immediately getting another one. A particular toy, a cycle, a motorbike, a small car, then a bigger car, then a luxury car, perhaps two…  a job, a better job, better company, higher position… a flat of your own to rent, then one to buy, then a bigger one, then a better neighbourhood and building, a villa, perhaps a farm house…. we set non-stop new goals, and are slave driven by them. Nothing wrong having goals and a purpose that may give you a sense of self worth, but was it worth losing out on living life itself? Ask yourself if reaching the last goalpost was worthy of what it cost you personally or was it one that entailed a journey who’s stress outlived, outshone and took a toll on you, your health and your loved ones. Life is what passes you by while you’re making plans. Carpe diem! Seize the moment! Enjoy today, make it special, and make it fun and memorable, because this very moment is what the beautiful journey of life is all about.

Anyways, to get down to the real issue on today’s agenda—the word WINNER has such a lovely ring to it, while LOSER? Why, in today’s world, it is almost an abuse. The question is, is this mindset healthy? Is there nothing more to humans than being pigeon-holed as winners or losers ? Apparently not. Because in the current state of things, whether in the classroom, or the sports field, or the profession, competition is the name of the game. It is always a “Heads I win, tails you lose” attitude that is propelling us to push, jostle, shove and nudge our way towards the top, by hook or by crook, without a twinge of conscience.

But again the question arises, is this right? Is it okay for our children to inherit this attitudinal legacy ?  Should they grow up to think—as they do now—that winning is the only thing that matters, everything else is bull? Actually, there isn’t a plausible, feasible, categorical answer to this question. Simply because the truth is that we are in deep conflict about competitiveness—we really don’t know the right from the wrong, and even if we do, we can’t do the right thing. For instance, we all agree that children are being thrusted too early into the dog-eat-dog world of competitive education, thus hiking their stress levels. But would letting them have a laidback carefree childhood minimize their stress levels in any way ? For the time being, maybe. But once they join the rat-race, which eventually they have to, wouldn’t they suffer from inferiority complex because of the ignominy of being backward in class or, if IQ levels are matched, then of being the older ones in a class of “like-minded” but chronologically younger children ? Either way, these children get a raw deal. So, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, parents prefer to let the kids take on the competition head-on, and whether unconsciously or subliminally, these parents put undue pressure on their children to out-do their peers.

NOR slowly wait. Unless, I see progress in NFC, Scorpene and Teoh Beng Hock cases. Fairy Tale Dream evil devil UMNO/BN ! Selangor voters are smart and not stupid fools and will surely vote out evil devil UMNO/BN for good in PRU 13 because all evil bad deeds of devil BN are already made known to voters online!

You may choose to pray here and there, a NO is still a NO”God willing” doesn’t apply to corrupted minds and souls. Better off save your breath and enjoy the show.Noh, you don’t want to get ahead of fate? What nonsense is that? This has nothing to do with fate but who the rakyat believe can better govern the state. It seems like the rakyat has faith in Pakatan already.

Dropped, ignored and dishonoured. Wronged time and again,It is better for  Noh Omar to retire to his prawn farm and be at least productive in some form. That is food production. So far all money spent under his portfolio has been squandered.Are you going to quit politics if it doesn’t happen? This warlord is dreaming to be the next MB of Selangor..Alas the truth,the reality is that he will languish in prison when PR forms the next Federal Govt.after GE 13..Selangorians do VOTE wisely and let the New Federal Govt put him behind bars.

There’s a lovely quote, “You may forget what people said, you may forget what people did, but you will never forget how they made you feel”.  It’s never the words, but the intention behind your words and actions that make all the difference. I know people that use abusive language in such a warm, loving manner that it’s more a declaration of affection. For that matter, the three most wonderful words, “I love you” can either be said with deep emotion while looking someone in the eyes and evoke incredible love, or can be said in an offhand manner “yeah! I love you” and disappoint you, or perhaps in a nonchalant way with a shrug of the shoulder and anger you, even in an exasperated manner with eyes rolling  which may offend you, and can even be said in an aggressive, “Yes! Love you! Now leave me alone” kind of way which can hurt you deeply! The same holds true for a small but an incredibly important word, “sorry!” What matters is always intention and attitude. Many people claim to say a lot, whereas their words actually have little or no meaning, depth or effect, because the intent behind the words may have been far different. Do yourself and your interpersonal relationships a favour. Mean what you say, and make whatever you say have integrity because the people that surround you matter, and if not, they should.

Selangor Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Noh Omar is confident that Barisan Nasional (BN) will be able take back Malaysia’s richest state at the next national polls by nabbing 32 of the 56 seats in the state legislative assembly.

The state, which had been held by BN since Malaysia’s founding, had slipped out of its grasp in the last general election four years ago to the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance, leaving the powerful federal coalition with only 20 state seats.

“I don’t want to get ahead of fate, but God willing I am confident BN will be able to win back Selangor, at least 32 seats,” Umno veteran Noh (picture)told The Malaysian Insider in a recent interview, disclosing for the first time the number of seats it believes it can gain.

The 13-member BN coalition only needs nine more seats to gain a simple majority with 29 seats.

But the Tanjung Karang MP remained tight-lipped on BN’s strategy in wresting back the highly-developed west coast state.

Dreams can come true but this guy is fantasising.w don’t know what will happen when his dream turns to be a nightmare after the GE13.If BN wins back selangor, then no one can help the people here, they deserve what they get…inspite of looting the rakyat so many years if the people still cannot differentiate between what is good governace then let them be doomed
Before Noh is able to lead BN to wrest back Selangor, Noh has to first explain to Selangor voters how he managed to buy prawn farm land for a song cheap price with his salary? How he acquired his wealth/money to buy, own and run the prawn farm ?God willing he is confident? What does that even mean? He is confident only if god wills it? Either confident or not confident.
dream the dreams as it’s fated that BN will lose badly in the coming GE. BN has already dirtied and siphon the past coffers and Pakatan Rakyat has clean it and made it into surplus. Noh should also openly declare his investment & assets and accept in good faith that UMNO’s chance to govern Selangor are long over.BN can talk & talk non stop about capturing back Selangor, but please don’t play dirty. The rakyats know what you are up to in order to capture the richest state in Malaysia.
Selamatkan Malaysia.
Goodness Noh Omar, dare to use the word GOD willing. Doing all the bad deeds and u still say out GOD WILLING. u really dun know wat sort of punishment coming to u is it? My advice is tat look yourself in the mirror before uttering GOD WILLING

if you want to cheat, cheat properly la. why only 32 seats? since you are cheating might as well push to 50 seats. as it is all along you all have been cheating, might as well push the limit.how does the genius aim to take back selangor which with penang is the most urban area in malaysia when in all recent past polls since 2008 bn has been getting hammered in urban areas?
With all the claims of phantom voters (could this be the tight lipped strategy…?), there’s no 100% assurance of Selangor to remain under PR. But for the fence-sitters, just look at the state reserve (now about RM2 billion..much higher than under BN), efficiency of the waste collection, free water, high Foreign Direct Investment etc it is incomprehensible to believe PR government is worse than the previous government.With all the claims of phantom voters (could this be the tight lipped strategy…?), there’s no 100% assurance of Selangor to remain under PR. But for the fence-sitters, just look at the state reserve (now about RM2 billion..much higher than under BN), efficiency of the waste collection, free water, high Foreign Direct Investment etc it is incomprehensible to believe PR government is worse than the previous government.

The agriculture minister only said that Selangor residents were now starting to see that the PKR-DAP-PAS partnership that had since formed a fledgling bloc now known as Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact in the wake of their landslide wins in Election 2008 was unfit to govern.

In the 12th general election, the three federal opposition parties had swept a  total of 36 seats, with PKR taking the lion’s share of 15 seats; and the DAP and PAS taking 13 and eight respectively.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is also Umno president, has repeatedly vowed to win back Selangor for his BN coalition by all means necessary.

Selangor is said to be a state with hot seats because of its large number of newly-registered voters, as well as being the country’s wealthiest state.

Noh dismissed talk of him being appointed as Selangor mentri besar despite rumours that he would be given the state’s highest position if BN wins.

“I don’t want to get ahead of fate, I am still a member of Parliament for Tanjung Karang, but it all depends on the leadership.

“Most importantly, we move the party machinery to win this state, the question of who (will be) mentri besar is not important,” he said.

Noh has been widely speculated to be gunning for the Selangor mentri besar’s job

He also kept his lips sealed on the potential candidates for the top state government post, saying BN’s focus now was on winning back the state.

“In 2008, they (Pakatan) also didn’t know who their candidate for mentri besar was, so it’s better for BN to focus on winning back Selangor,” he said.

Selangor’s former Mentri Besar Dr Mohammad Khir Toyo has rejected the possibility of contesting in the coming elections after the courts found him guilty recently in a breach of trust case.

The trained dentist is currently appealing against his conviction.


Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected a petition against the controversial ‘Nakba Law’, which fines bodies or organisations that deny Israel is a ‘Jewish’ state or commemorate its independence day as a day of mourning [AFP]
Last week, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled against a petition brought by female students from the Gaza Strip, upholding the state’s refusal to allow them to study in the West Bank.

The women, four of whom were registered for a Master’s in gender studies and one aiming to pursue a law degree, brought a case that challenged an Israel-imposed ban that has been in place since 2000. In twelve years, only three Gaza residents have been allowed to study at West Bank universities (and only because they had received US government scholarships).

According to Israeli NGO Gisha, who, along with Gaza Strip-based Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, represented the petitioners, the “majority decision accepted the state’s position that allowing the students to reach their studies would undermine the ‘separation’ policy” that is “based on substantial political and security considerations” (see state response). Thus, “the court approved restrictions on civilian travel between Gaza and the West Bank, even where no individual security claims are raised”.

The restrictions on Palestinian students are one part of a “separation policy”, which is a significant but still under-appreciated dimension of Israel’s approach towards the Gaza Strip.

 Israeli blockade limits Gaza farm export

But this case serves to highlight another aspect of Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights: The role of Israel’s Supreme Court. Often portrayed as a bastion of “liberalism”, and subjected to absurd attacks by Israel’s political far-right, the court has in fact been complicit with numerous aspects of Israel’s discriminatory and colonial policies.

In just the last nine months, the High Court has “sanction[ed] looting” by authorising “Israel to exploit the West Bank’s natural resources for its own economic needs”, rejected a petition against the Nakba Law, and ruled that it is not mandatory to investigate every complaint of torture at the hands of the security service “out of consideration for Shin Bet’s work”.

In January, the court even upheld the “Citizenship Law” used to ban Israeli citizens from living legally with a Palestinian spouse from the Occupied Territories, on the grounds of avoiding “national suicide“.

No wonder then that observers like veteran Ha’aretz analyst Zvi Bar’el conclude that since 1967, “most High Court decisions ratified the negation of Palestinian rights”, proffering “legal legitimacy to military activities” even if they “brought about damage to life and property”.

The liberal Israeli newspaper’s publisher, Amos Schocken, has also been harsh in his criticism of the court’s record, saying that it “permitted the settlement project and effectively collaborated with the Gush Emunim [religious settlers] ideology”.

Thus despite the fact that the existence and rulings of the court are cited by Israel’s advocates as proof positive of the country’s democratic and progressive credentials, the reality is very different, as Israeli journalist Noam Sheizaf once explained:

“In short, the High Court has never been a venue to challenge the occupation, but quite the opposite – it is one of the branches that institutionalised it, by setting rules and providing a legal cover to colonial policies, for political persecution and for oppression. One can only conclude that in the context of the West Bank, the High Court has been and still is a fundamental element in the construction and maintenance of what is, in essence, apartheid.”

At an Israel Bar Association conference in August, Member of Knesset Ahmed Tibi put it bluntly: “The High Court authorised targeted killings, deportation, land confiscation, settlements, fences. Why is it then that the court has a leftist image?”

One answer to Tibi’s question might be that the “leftist image” is a relative one, a reflection of the Israeli political spectrum, where even the “centrists” and “peaceniks” are still supporters of ethno-religious privilege and war crimes.

But more than that, we find in the court’s image the personal and political investment of liberal Zionists in Israel and internationally, the kind that condemn the settlers on West Bank hilltops even as they live in the neighbourhoods and village land of Palestinians expelled in 1948. Self-regarding hypocrites, in other words.

Reflecting last week, Amira Hass observed that the court’s justices “don’t even seem to worry about their names being associated with names of other jurists who preceded them and like them accepted the reasonableness of the means and the justice of slavery [and] racial segregation”.

In Israel’s Supreme Court, we find worthy inheritors of the tradition of “benevolent”, angst-ridden colonialism. Read Justice E Rubinstein’s opinion in the case of the Gaza students, where he wrings his hands at just how “painful” and “tragic” the whole business is – before accepting the state’s “separation policy”.


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