Wake up call for MCA Chinese!Rousing a sleeping giant without moral authority

 MCA President announced that he would support UMNO-Barisan government to keep communal force at bay, he was taking a leaf out of the Left’s book. may 13 , the Left parties had used the same ideological argument to keep DAP  the ‘main enemy’Let’s turn to Soi Lek’s flip-flops the objective conditions for cobbling together with UMNO are even more tangible now, with the assertion of federalism and the fluid and fragmented political situation.One scam follows the other, taking the heat off the earlier scam. Of course, the hyper-active media moves on even as the earlier ‘huge scandal’ is consigned to the backburner, till it resurfaces.This arrangement works beautifully for the perpetrators of scams. Gives them the breathing space and with the number of scams being exposed going up significantly, the person who has already been exposed knows once a new scam is unearthed, the focus would now be on others for quite a while and he/she can roam about as if nothing happened.
 MCA is nothing but a tool and a decor piece for big brother (and that is UMNO)!
Did they fight on behalf of the rakyat (people) or the political bully (UMNO)? Look at the MCA’s failures and actions.
1. Failure to get United Chinese School Examination (UCE) recognized.
2. Failure to settle the PKFZ issue.
3. Failure to condemn corruption and rent seeking in general.
4. Failure to said even a word when Teoh and othgers died in custody.
5. Failure to oppose negotiated tender at the national level. The hypocrites make lots of noise that no Chinese got DID contract in Penang.
6. Failure to oppose all the rent seeking projects, IPP’s, IWK, Syabas, highways.
7. Failure to condemn public land grab.
8. Failure to use MCA paper for transparency, but instead using it for propaganda.
9. Failure to condemn Utusan.
10. Failure to condemn Ibrahim himself.
11. Failure to response to Nazri’s comment that MCA is like an abused wife.
12. Failure to get scholarship for the many deserving and in need.
13. Failure to speak out against Christian bashing during the Allah issue.
14. Failure to support Bersih for a clean, free and fair elections, and instead took to lying (Tung Shin hospital) and apple polishing big brother.
15. Failure to speak out again AP’s and Proton. Both increase the costs of cars for all Malaysians.
16. Failure to advise Namewee, whose fault was using vulgar language to condemn racist principals.
17. Failure to speak out against the NFC scandal, of which MCA has a deputy minister.
18. Failure to speak out for the rakyat on the case of the Scorpene deal.
19. Threaten to withdraw from all government positions, if they get less seats than 2008.
20. Supporting all policies, even if they hurt the rakyat, as long as they get a share of the cake, perhaps some crumps will do.
21. Supporting football betting, just because his boss wants it, falsely claiming it to be non-Malay right. (It may be good for one Chinese, but what about the thousands who will suffer as a result.)
22. Supporting the Evidence Act, OSA, ISA, PPPA, EA and other repressive laws.
23. Supporting the man made water and electricity crisis in Selangor.
24. Supporting and maybe profiting from all the speed traps set up all along the highway. (We support speed trap as deterrence, not profit.)
25. Supporting hudud in Trengganu and Kelantan when it was passed in the state assembly. What hypocrites!
26. Becoming the tool of a political bully, by supporting blindly, (“through thick and thin”).
Consequently, I tend to feel MCA = Malaysian Company of Accomplices
Last August, after the Malaysian Chinese Economic Congress, when you (Soi Lek) called on the Government to gradually remove the 30 per cent Bumiputra equity in all sectors of the economy, you were immediately jumped upon by Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin. He even warned you about May 13.
A few days later, in your interview with a Malay-language newspaper, you had to soften what you had said, clearly showing your vulnerability.
Even Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein told you to “stick to the struggles of BN”. What are they? Do you know?
You were even a target of criticism at the Umno general assembly last October. A delegate slammed you for saying that the social contract should not be discussed openly.
Then at the BN convention last month, you called for a ban on the use of the term “Ketuanan Melayu”, and you told Umno it should not approve government policies during its supreme councilmeetings. But straight away, Hishammuddin said you had upset many BN leaders, including those in the MCA.
This boggles the mind. What you said was absolutely right – how could Umno take it upon itself to decide on government policies when it is only one of the component parties of BN? Does the MCA have no say? So how could MCA leaders be upset by what you said? Have they become Umnofied themselves? Have they become slaves of their masters? Or, as former Perak menteri besar Nizar Jamaluddin said, “running dogs”?

Even a cursory glance would bear out what I said. Different scams, different times and different key dramatis personae. It almost seems that one was done to extricate the earlier one from a spot of bother.  I may be over reacting or be at my pessimistic best, but such is the sorry state of affairs that even the current threat of TMC to pull out seems no different.

But these politicians have taken people for a ride far too long. As I have often said in the past, our politicians seem to live in dark ages. They do not realise that the world has moved on and the way they fool the gullible Indians since ages is no longer effective. The media may move on chasing TRPs in a newer case, but the huge social media, with its constantly growing base that is fast reaching a critical mass that few can ignore, is not that fickle.related article    http://suarakeadilanmalaysia.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/mca-chief-chua-soi-lek-contributed-5-million-to-finance-this-filmanother-filemfilm-called-desert-warrior2/

Almost every scam is documented and available on open sources for anyone who wants to look into it. And that is not all. Just when one feels a particular scam is now destined for oblivion, someone points it out and it again becomes a talking point. Thank goodness for that. It is due to that alone that most of these scams may escape the prying media but not the vigilant citizen journalist. They serve as a constant reminder to all crooks that people are now more aware than ever and will not only not forget their misdeeds, but have the platform/s available to propagate their wrongdoings more than ever before. So all those who thought milking my nation and getting away with it was a breeze, THINK AGAIN!related articlehttp://suarakeadilanmalaysia.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/mca-chief-chua-soi-lek-contributed-5-million-to-finance-this-filmanother-filemfilm-called-desert-warrior2/

94-year-old Ouyang Huan Yan, Yan Kou, from Shunde, worked for Singapore’s first family as a nanny for four decades.

Yan Kou, when she was 18, came to Singapore with her sister. She started work with famous overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee’s family for nine years. After the war, Lee Kuan Yew’s mother employed her to work for the Lees.

After working for the Lees for 1 year, Lee Kuan Yew returned from his overseas studies in the UK.

Lee Kuan Yew wrote in his memoirs, his wife would go to office every day, his young children were taken care of by reliable Guangdong maids. Yan Kou is one of them. While with the Lees, Yan Kou started with doing the laundry, shopping and other chores. Yan Kou worked for the Lees for 40 years until 1986 when she and her sister returned to Shunde.

Recently, reporter Weng Shuxian visited Yan Kou to listen to her memories of working as a nanny for Singapore’s first family.

Simple wedding

Yan Kou also remembered that after Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minster, she would often bring the children to the Istana after school in the afternoon. Lee Kuan Yew would entertain foreign dignitaries at the Istana, but continued to live at his Oxley home with his family.

Yan Kou would often prepares a simple breakfast at the home, Lee Kuan Yew usually drank a glass of Ovaltine, ate 2 pieces of bread and 2 eggs. Mrs Lee worked in the day as a lawyer, but in the evening after work she continued to do house chores, take care of the children and prepare dinner.

When Yan Kou first met Lee Kuan Yew, he just came back from his oversea studies in the UK, he was not very well versed in Mandarin then. But in person, Lee Kuan Yew was not westernized, instead he was rather traditional. When Lee Hsien Loong was only a few years old, Lee Kuan Yew brought a set of long sleeves mandarin jacket for his son during the Chinese New year.

A strict dad

Yan Kou revealed that Lee Kuan Yew was strict with the children. The children were also obedient, humble and not proud unlike children from other well to do families.

When Lee Kuan Yew disciplined the children privately in his room, no one was allowed to enter, even Mrs Lee was not allowed to intervene, or enter. The children would not dare to talk back. Although Yan Kou and the workers have never seen how Lee Kuan Yew disciplined the children, they would know from the children’s expression when they came out.

Yan Kou remembered once Lee Hsien Loong was third in his class. Lee Kuan Yew was not satisfied with the result and called his son to his room. Then Lee Hsien Loong was frightened, Lee Kuan Yew told his son to get first next time. Since then Lee Hsien Loong would get first almost every time. Lee Kuan Yew was equally strict with his daughter who scored 10As.

Lee Kuan Yew also forbade the nanny to accompany the children to school. When Lee Hsien Loong was in Primary 3, he asked to go to school in the school bus (instead of being driven). At first Yan Kou was concerned Lee Hsien Loong would not be able to keep up with the school bus, but Lee Hsien Loong told her that he would dash to catch the school bus once the school bell rang. Lee Kuan Yew respected Lee Hsien Loong’s decision, and let the children learn to adapt.

No airs

In addition, when the children turned 21, they were expected to be independent. Very often the children would ask the workers to buy stuff for them, Mrs Lee would insist the children pay for it themselves and would not pay on their behalf.

While working for the Lees, Yan Kou would address Lee Kuan Yew as Mr Lee even after he became the prime minister. His children were also very causal, and like their parents, have no airs. The workers would call the children by their names only.

Mr & Mrs Lee liked to drink coffee, eat beef, spicy dishes and curry, but that’s not to the liking of Yan Kou who likes fish and Chinese dishes. So Mrs Lee would let the workers prepare whatever food they liked too.

Yan Kou said working for the Lees, was like staying at home. She only needed to inform the Lees before she went out. Sometime, she also invited her friends to her work place. Mrs Lee treated the workers well. In the past, the employer and employee contributed equal share to the employee’s CPF. The Lees would pay for her share too.

When Yan Kou decided to leave the Lees, Mrs Lee requested for her to stay for some more years. Unfortunately Yan Kou’s sister was in poor health.

Her home town did not have any telephone, but Lee Wei Ling would write to Yan Kou to keep in contact. Lee Wei Ling also sent a photo of the “whole family” to Yan Kou. When Lee Wei Ling’s friend visited China, she would ask her friend to visit Yan Kou on her behalf.




李光耀在自己的回忆录中写到,儿女小的时候,他太太每天出门办公时,有可靠的广东女佣看顾孩子们。燕姑太就是其中的一位。在李家,她从洗衣、买 东西等杂务做起,李光耀结婚生子后,又帮手照顾他三个子女的起居生活。直到1986年,她和姐姐从新加坡返回顺德老家定居,在李家整整工作了40年。



















燕姑太:我最初接触他,他刚从英国留学回到新加坡,确实不太会讲华语。但他在生活中并不是人们想象的那么西化,而是很尊重传统。李显龙才几岁大 的时候,李先生还没当总理。我记得有一年快过春节,他和李太太还特地跑到香港给李显龙做了一套长衫马褂,让他过年的时候穿,还给他拍了照片留念。








他管教孩子时会叫到屋里关上门,不让其他人进去,连太太都不能出声、甚至不让进去看,我们当工人的更不让看、不敢劝。就像旧时父母管教我们一 样,做子女的都不敢顶嘴,甚至连哭都不敢。我虽然没有当面看到他管教孩子的样子,但有时候孩子从他的房间出来,脸上表情不对,我们悄悄问便知道发生什么事 了。

我记得有一次,李显龙在班里几十个孩子中成绩排第三名,李先生不太满意,把他叫到房间里去问:怎么才考第三名?显龙吓得脸色都变了。李先生可能 也有点心疼了,便说“这一次不追究,以后得考第一回来”。后来,李显龙几乎次次都考第一。他对儿子严格,对女儿也一样的。新加坡人考9门A就很了不起了, 他女儿考了10门A,很有本事的。

除了严厉,他们也很尊重子女的。李显龙读小学3年级就想自己坐校车去上学,一开始我们担心他跟不上校车、没位子坐怎么办?他倒很有经验,告诉我 们说:只要放学的铃声一响,就马上“飙上校车”,找个位子坐好就能回来了。其实,当时父母并没要求他这么做,看他自己喜欢,父母就由他去,支持他去适应。













While coffee-shop politicians are gung-ho and firm in their convictions that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will sweep to power in the 13th General Election, there is an undeniable possibility that they might have to wait for the 14thGE for all their dreams to come true.

While more Malaysians now definitely hope to witness a change of government and this has caused a groundswell of support to surface for PR, the possibility and likelihood of upstaging the 55 years of Barisan Nasional rule, in the relatively brief period of the emergence of PR, may need a longer period of adjustment and acceptance by many Malaysians. No doubt this is a conservative view and based on the pessimism that Malaysians are still afraid to step out of their shells.

But in the political scenario, Malaysians do tend to be creatures of habit and are very slow and suspicious and wary of making changes. They generally find themselves comfortable and don’t want to or will want a long period of time to be convinced to make changes to the political environment in the country. So it might be prudent for PR to assume the worse and redouble its efforts rather than rest on its laurels just yet.

The hard work is paying off

The good news for PR is that all their good and hard work is paying off. But to wrest the federal government might prove tougher than anticipated. They should, however, maintain their growing momentum and work patiently and diligently to come to power in the 14th GE and they may not even have to wait 5 years if there are snap polls conducted after GE13..

Some political analysts are of the view and opinion that a “hung” parliament might emerge. This most definitely will be a tricky, quirky issue to deal with by both sides of the political divide.

But BN may emerge a narrow winner in GE13 holding on to a reduced majority majority compared to GE12 in 2008.

While most political observers think that a completely free and fair polls is unlikely, a landslide victory by BN will arouse great concern, suspicion and instability in the country as all the neutral voices see BN’s hold and grip on power already starting to loosen.

Dwindling value of the BN’s fixed deposits

Ever since the political tsunami of 2008, PR has emerged as a formidable force, causing cracks to appear in the impregnable façade of BN in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.

The current highlights of defections by BN politicians are a clear indication that the ground in Sabah and Sarawak is starting to shift more in favor of PR though BN still has a vice-like grip of the two states which they consider to be their perpetual “fixed deposits.”

Some observers believe that while much headway will be made by PR in these two East Malaysian states, the possibility of staging an upset is unlikely as the Sabahans and Sarawakians are probably still more comfortable with BN and need an even longer time than West Malaysian voters to adjust to PR.

While it’s hard to predict the final outcome, it will be very certain the BN’s fixed deposit will see dwindling value as PR is expected to make a case for even more voters to swing with them in this GE than in 2008.

PR should roll up their sleeves to work harder in East Malaysia to build up their power base and capitalize on the fact that their influence and reach is beginning to grow and needs to be carefully nurtured.

The feel of the ground in Selangor

Unlike the distant East Malaysia, West Malaysian states are feeling the full swing and fervor of bids by BN and PR and their claim to power and it is really in PR states that a lot of politicking has been going on in a bid by both sides to swing voters over.

If gauged carefully and fairly, from all the indications of what has transpired so far in the run up to GE13, Selangor is expected to be hotly contested but it looks as if PR has come out with all the ammo to put a stop to the BN’s skullduggery.

PR’s politicians in Selangor are wise to the BN’s tricks and ploys after the fiasco in Perak where they were removed from commanding power in the silver state on dubious grounds and this has therefore cause PR leaders in Selangor to be on the guard.

Recently, by fronting a political novice like Chua Tee Yong, the MCA’s Young Professional Bureau’s chief as the whipping boy for PR, by raising the so-called Talamgate issue, which is a case bearing no direction and based on superficial and vague accusations, more meant for Tee Yong to receive a hiding from the Selangor government, the BN ploy has completely backfired and veered off-track.

If this isn’t bad enough, MCA’s top honcho Chua Soi Lek‘s claim of a water crisis in Selangor has created an erosion of confidence in MCA and a belief that they are merely barking for the federal government in the squabble to regain the state government which PR has been duly watchful to contain.

It looks certain therefore that Selangor voters know the tricks of BN and have duly voiced their interest and intent in wanting to see the PR continue to rule the state for their betterment.

The silver state of Perak and the island of Penang

Very surprisingly, even to veteran political pundits, PR has not only consolidated its position in the states of Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan but it has managed very admirably to grow their position and these states are now even stronger strongholds that will be extremely tough for the BN to snatch back anytime soon.

In Perak there are very glaring and evident signs that the voters are just waiting to unleash their anger on BN over its 2008 power grab that included the manipulation of the Palace despite voters having elected PR to govern the state.

Voters in Perak are really seething with rage and are waiting to take their revenge on the Perak BN government. This is expected to translate into a landslide victory for PR in the silver state and the BN votes to drop to an all time low.

In Penang, owing to the sterling performance of chief minister Lim Guan Eng, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that PR will gain a landslide victory as well in this state with DAP seeing an increase in the number of seats to be won by them.

PR’s grip tightens in Kedah and Kelantan

While BN has been trying very hard to grab power from the PR governments of Kedah and Kelantan, the two states, effectively PAS strongholds, are not going to budge or give way to BN to claim any victory here.

While certain stunts have been pulled off by BN to try and topple the PR governments in the two states, these have been rendered ineffective as the wishes of the people there are for PR to stay in power.

If BN hopes to try and seize power in these two states, it is merely wishful thinking.

The nominal states

If PR is to gain great growth and witnessed as having made any headway, it will be in the “nominal states” of Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

If read and gauged accurately, it might not come as a surprise that the fence-sitting Negeri Sembilan becomes another PR state in GE13, with Johor being fiercely-contested and PR making great progress there.

It is really in the run up to GE13 where PR needs to put more push into their claim to greater power by working tirelessly in Negeri Sembilan and Johor to swing voters to their favor.

The ground is fertile for PR to work and win in these two states. The scope for growth and expansion by PR is tremendous and PR should not allow the opportunity to escape in any way.

The BN die-hards

With the political situation unfolding as such at present, BN is left only with their traditional supporters in Perlis, Terengganu, Pahang and Melaka.

But besides this, there is a scattering of support from across the states of West Malaysia, and support in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak which should be enough to see them stay in power by a very slim and simple majority in GE13.

The federal territory of Kuala Lumpur should still hold in PR’s favor while the federal territories of Putrajaya and Labuan are expected to go BN’s way.

Should BN be retained to stay in power, the coalition will be hard pressed to deliver and will have to bend over backwards and transform and reform rapidly to not go out in shame in GE14.

But what looks set to happen is that these are the last rounds for the political party that has held power in the country since Independence and it certainly does look as if Malaysians are awakening to change and are gradually and gracefully transferring power to PR.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, perhaps, should be well advised not to throw in the towel and go back to the staid profession of teaching but let nature take its course and wait another turn to prove his mettle at the pinnacle of power in this country. He should bear in mind that all good things come to those who wait. But the chances are greater that he will not.

No matter how much Anwar might relish the chance to steer Malaysia back onto a sustainable path, he is a sensitive man unlike his nemesis former premier Mahathir Mohmad and might prefer to give the younger leaders in PR the chance to hold the wheel. And with due respect to the very impressive chest of young talent in PR, that would a sad day indeed for Malaysians.


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