Mahathir a Celup Malayu trust anti Islamist Soi Lek then Pious Honest UMNO Malays

The despicable ones you mentioned here are none other than your those coming from ilk, the absolutely corrupt UMNOputras who have blatantly plundered/raped the country for more than 50 years under the guise of race & religion.

But alas, the modern real Malays have finally awoken and ready to reclaim the country from these filty UMNO robbersMahathir still thinks that Malaysian government is a secret-society organization rather than a government which practices democracy and rule of law whereby government is elected by the people for the people rather than by a majority group of people for a selected few. With billions or trillion ringgit spent on education over the five decades, the majority of the major race still fall into his trap to make him real emperor while they talk about royalty, race and religion. People can always make their race proud, their religion proud but there is no need to fight for the race which has eternal life. One subscribes to the teaching of one’s selected religion, and the religious teaching is larger than individual humans.

Was he going to split Malays among themselves? Those Malays in the brace of PAS and PKR are not better those in Umno? Could he really single out Malays in Umno are better than others who are in the opposition? It is real abhorrent to say these in his tirade. Is it seriously a mistake to share ruling power with other races in Malaysia in order to rejuvenate an unimproved country under the mediocre rule of egregiously lousy government?
Suffice it to say, he is going to denigrate opposition in order to gain revival of lost support of Malays. It is real outdated opinion of him to have such a warning to swipe other Malays who have shared different view of him. He is no better than others who called pot the kettle black.The more Mahathir unleashes his racist venom, the more Umno loses. The more Mahathir berates the Malays and insults their intelligence, the more the very Malays that he wants to confuse become aware of all that has gone wrong under his and Umno’s rule. This is nothing but the temper tantrums of a relic from a bygone era who ruled the roost but does not know when to let go graciously. History will portray him very, very harshly.Looks like Mahathir is getting afraid and desperate by the day. Everything he said about ungrateful and unintelligent Malays sounds like those who are clinging on to power and not wanting to let go lest they be brought to open court for all those corruption and stealing of the citizens wealth that they were supposed to look after. Most intelligent Malays have left UMNO and are now fighting the lustful and greedy

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said must use MCA SOI LEK to counter ulama like Nik Aziz progressives who are opposed to conservative values by ulamas (religious scholars) must counter them with religious arguments and not with western arguments  Mahathir, another example, how is it that the entire Muslim world beyond Malaysia including the largest Muslim nation, our neighbour Indonesia can accept Christians using Allah to refer to God and Umno cannot? How is it that only Umno goes amok to prevent Christians in Malaysia from praying in Malay and using a Malay Bible when the Bible is available in Arabic (the language of the Koran) and used by Arab Christians? How is it that PAS, the so-called conservative Islamic party can acknowledge that ALLAH is the Arabic Name for GOD that pre-dates Islam and not an exclusive Islamic name to be used only by Muslims? PAS can accept Christians praying in Malay and using a Malay Bible but Umno goes hysterical over this. So, is Umno really DEFENDING Islam or is Umno really ABUSING Islam to terrorise Malays into submission to Umno’s will and culture of fear?We can argue all we want but the mullas only base theris on sunnah and hadis which Mahathir says here is optional. But the UMNO and his Perkasa running dogs criticised him on his hudud belief, he quickly cowed in to say he was not against hudud, but PAS hudud. This man has forked tongue. It is in his watch and support that Islamic Dept. developed into what it is today. Mullas from pondoks sit as authority and overrules even those with Phd in Islam or Quranic studies and speak for god. They judge people in their terms and give fatwas in villages. Mahathir gave them the clout, most media coverage and legitimacy that is responsible for the rots in our faith in Malaysia. We reformed muslims do not use west value in our arguments, it is Mahathir’s poor understanding and his own political exigencies that has cloud his thinking.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called the Malays “ungrateful” and “lacking intelligence”, warning that the greed of a few power-hungry Malays in the opposition would see the country’s dominant race lose its political power.

“If any of these Malay (oppositon) parties win the elections and forms the government, this government would have to follow the dictates of other (races).

“The Malays will no longer hold dominance in the government that they were so willing to share with others,” he said in a special column titled “Suara Hati Mahathir” published inMingguan Malaysia today, the weekend edition of Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia.

In his lengthy tirade against the Malays, the former prime minister expressed sadness that the Malays were now purportedly split into three factions and said that this has resulted in them “begging” for support from the other races.

“It has forced them to beg for support… even from those who have all this time been fighting against efforts to uplift the positions of the Malays and make them equal to the others.

“But this support is not given for free,” he warned.

“Who brought on this disaster? No other than the Malays themselves ― greedy Malays, Malays lacking in intelligence, Malays easily influenced by lust, easily dominated by hatred when agitated,” he continued in typical no-holds-barred fashion.

Dr Mahathir (picture) took pains to remind the Malays of their colonised past in the decades before independence, detailing horror stories of how the British had called them lazy and stupid, enslaving them in their own country.

He said the Malays were only allowed to take on menial labour jobs and were made into drivers and orderlies or clerks and office-boys at most.

“There were assumed to be incapable of holding any responsibility. The Chinese and the Indians were even brought into the country to solve this problem of the Malays being stupid and incompetent,” the veteran politician recalled.

When the Japanese arrived, Dr Mahathir said the Malays even lost their lowly office jobs and were forced to become petty roadside traders selling goods like bananas.

If they failed to bow their heads low when walking by a Japanese soldier, they would be forced to balance large chunks of rocks on their heads and shoulders until they would collapse from dizziness, he said.

“They would be ordered to climb tall coconut trees to get the fruits for these Japanese soldiers. If they failed, they would be slapped and would have to crouch to seek forgiveness,” Dr Mahathir continued.

please do not play the racial card and cow your own community into believing that they will be coolies working under the other ethnic groups, the towkays, when there is a change of government.Come on, do not insult the intelligence of the Malays any more. They have come a long way and with the constitution in place, how do you expect the non-Malays becoming monsters preying on the Malay community? It is utterly unfair to paint such a picture of the non-Malays who are mostly law-abiding citizens. And with the dominance of the Malays enshrined in the constitution how do you expect anyone to go against the rulers whose powers are almost unquestionable and cast in stone?Please lah, even if you wish UMNO to continue to dominate the government, you cannot deny those from other political outfits to prove their capability and worth. It is not as if the Malays outside of UMNO are useless and stupid.

Many Malays are educated, trained and empowered to helm the highest office. Do not tell us that all the years of uplifting the Malays have been ineffective and wasted? Must all Malays who are qualified and capable join UMNO’s fold? Can’t they work outside of UMNO? No wonder many highly qualified Malay candidates were not recruited and inducted into UMNO all these years. They were feared?

As a highly intelligent person Tun surely understands that history is a dynamic matter, and change is to be expected. Along the way there are bound to be changes to the political landscape, and it should not be unexpected that some gifted leaders from among the millions of Malaysians could emerge to contribute to nation and people. And when that does happen no one should stop them because of political differences.

UMNO cannot pretend to be the only political party capable to run the country. It only shows that those in power, even though they are no more capable, are only interested to preserve and perpetuate their positions to perpetrate their selfish agendas.
Just let the people decide who they want to lead the nation. You cannot belittle the wisdom of the people. Respect and accept the outcome of the election, and retire gracefully if shown the exit door, just as the losers had been doing so all these decades. And that is the essence of democracy.


Negara Islam: Ada baik Cina diingatkan, kata TPM
Soi Lek: Hudud akan musnah ekonomi Malaysia, bawa binasa diri
Oleh Yow Hong Chieh
December 04, 2011KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Dis — Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek berkata pelabur-pelabur akan meninggalkan Malaysia manakala negara berhadapan dengan ‘kemusnahan diri’ jika hukum hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia.Beliau melahirkan pandangan terbaru ini ketika polemik mengenai sistem perundangan Islam itu masih berterusan. Dua bulan lalu ketika kepimpinan PAS merayu kepada umum agar diberi peluang untuk melaksanakan hudud di Kelantan sebagai percubaan, Umno pula berkata kini bukan masa yang sesuai untuk berbuat demikian.

Dr Chua (gambar) berkata sistem perundangan itu tidak adil kepada semua pihak khususnya ke atas kaum wanita selain mengenakan hukuman-hukuman kejam yang jelas bercanggah dengan konvensyen antarabangsa.

“Apabila rekod hak asasi kita tidak baik dan hukuman pula dianggap sebagai kejam, kedudukan global Malaysia akan merosot.

“Maka kita akan ada kesukaran untuk menarik pelaburan, malah pelabur-pelabur sedia ada juga kemungkinan keluar,” kata beliau kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan forum mengenai hudud di Wisma MCA di sini.

Bekas menteri kesihatan ini meramalkan bahawa pasaran saham akan jatuh antara 10 hingga 20 peratus jika hukum hudud digubal dan ia juga akan memberi kesan ke atas kewangan pelabur-pelabur tempatan.

“Apabila kesemua sektor ekonomi berhadapan dengan kesan, semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira agama akan mengalami kesannya,” kata beliau lagi.

Pemimpin MCA itu menambah, sementara pentadbiran Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak sempurna, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak sekurang-kurangnya ada visi yang jelas bagaimana untuk memperbaiki negara.

Ini bercanggah dengan agenda hudud pembangkang, yang boleh membawa Malaysia ke arah “binasa diri”, tegas Dr Chua.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Srti Muhyiddin Yassin berkata tindakan Presiden MCA Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek membangkitkan agenda PAS bagi menubuhkan sebuah negara Islam jika Pakatan Rakyat berkuasa adalah baik bagi “mengingatkan masyarakat Cina” berhubung keputusan mereka.

NONESambil menyifatkan isu berkenaan bukan satu perkara baru, Muhyiddin berkata PAS masih menympan hasrat mereka untuk membentuk negara Islam jika berjaya menguasai Putrajaya.

“Sejak daripada dahulu pun PAS tidak pernah mengatakan mereka nak pinda perlembagaan mereka… Itu (membentuk negara Islam) masih ada.

“Jadi baik juga MCA mengingatkan pada masyarakat Cina,” katanya pada sidang media selepas penamaan calon dalam pilihan raya DUN Tenang.

tenang by election nomination day 220110 mohd azahar ibrahim md asri amir normala sudirmanMuhyiddin menjawab soalan pemberita sama ada isu negara Islam yang dibangkitkan oleh MCA untuk meraih balik sokongan kaum Cina dalam pilihan raya Tenang yang akan berlangsung pada 30 Januari ini.

Hwa Beng
has appealed to Christian sentiments when he suggested on Twitter yesterday that a state based on Islam would ban all other religions.

“As Christians, we should fear Islamic theocracy nation more than anything. Why is DAP helping PAS to achieve it?” questioned Lee in a response to DAP supporters on the micro-blogging site.

Saying religions other than Islam would not be tolerated under what he coined “Islamic Theocracy State” and that Islamic laws would be imposed on non-Muslims, Lee even went on to claim that it was “God’s command” to fight an “Islamic Theocracy State”
Hwa Beng

I should have stuck your photo above. You get the idea.
How stupid can you get? Or do you expect us be even more stupider than you, expecting us to buy your theology ? From who’s behind did you pull out this explanation – that God commands Christian to fight an Islam theocratic state?
Chua Soi Lek’s Labis flower behind?
Who is sending Muslim chaps to the Orang Asli, Sabah, Sarawak native women folk, charming them, marrying them, converting them to Islam, and then dumping them after that? The women folk, having converted, cannot return to their original religion?
Who forced Revathi to stay in a “Faith Rehabilitation Centers” when she didn’t want to remain a Muslim? Your mother, is it??!!!
Who gives benefit to the Muslim orang asli by building them brick houses; whilst the non-muslim orang asli has to remain in wood huts, right next door to his Muslim Orang Asli brother?
Who has held up Bibles and banned Allah?
Who swore in a mosque that he “never met that girl”, but is afraid to stand and face a public enquiry re: his possible role in the Mongolian Murder Mystery?
Who threatened civilians with severed cow heads?
Who damaged Indian temples?
Who caned the student for bringing non-halal food to school?
Are you so intoxicated by glue sniffing the smell emanating from Chua’s behind – what is it? Some kind of spaced out effect on your brains – cheaper than LSD is it?
Time and again you MCA butt smelling jokers keep proving that you guys are clear running dogs to UMNO.
Chua has no right to belittle (anyone) and act in a condescending manner towards other people’s culture and religious practices.’

Chua must apologise, say Muslim lawyers NGO
I fully support and empathise with Muslim Lawyers Association president Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar’s call for an apology from MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Chua has no right to belittle anyone and act in a condescending manner towards other people’s culture and religious practices. He should issue an unqualified public apology.
PAS candidate Normala Sudirman’s worth as a representative is not decided by what she wears nor her religious beliefs. For Muslims and many Asian women, it is culturally inappropriate to have physical contact with males.

Gandhi, when he was a student in England, explained his vegetarian diet with this remark: “We have to respect those beliefs just as we want others to respect our beliefs.”
Just as I understand the hurt by Muslims over this issue, I hope others too can understand why Indians are hurt over the condescending and derogative and superficial way that the novel ‘Interlok’ has described the Indian caste system. Hindus too, being human, have feelings.

When the DAP representative Teo Nie Ching was invited to a mosque to give a speech, her attire was made into a big issue. A certain BM-language daily really condemned her for a lengthy period. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also condemned her roundly. Later she got into trouble again for supposedly wearing sports attire which was deemed inappropriate during aerobics with some mosque-goers. Again, Abdullah and the national daily condemned her.
Here Chua is wilfully belittling a respected Malay/Muslim custom with impunity and only Zainul Rijal raises the matter, and that, too, after so many days. Where is Abdullah and the national daily?
Chua, campaign all you want but don’t touch on people’s cultural and religious practises. Normala is a married Malay/Muslim woman, and we have to respect her cultural beliefs. She must be judged by her performance as a people’s representative if she wins, not by her attire or religious/cultural beliefs. Chua should apologise.


The intense levels of Islamic hatred emanating from this country. I have been writing about this for years at my own site. The Gaza ‘aid’ flotilla, which happened in 2010, not 2009, got an enormous amount of press here in the government-run media here in Malaysia…media that is licensed and in truth essentially owned by the Malaysian government. They took the opportunity to demonise Israel and laud the jihadists on the flotilla itself at every opportunity. The nine Malaysians who themselves were onboard the flotilla, and are lionised as national heroes, were greeted upon their arrival here in KL by no less than the Malaysian Prime Minister himself (Najib).

Najib’s country, his government, clerics, media and educational arms clamor and shriek for another holocaust, for the wholesale removal if not slaughter of Jews. And the kufr, dhimmified world turns a deaf ear and a blind eye.

Enthusiasm is no substitute for clarity.The basis on which a candidate is chosen, by any party, can be described in a single, if ungainly, word: winnability offered as nominees, but their names were withdrawn when their “winnability” became doubtful. This is how politics is conducted.
Power is the glue of politics. That is why a government is expected to be in array and opposition generally in disarray. Ideology is a fickle custodian of unity in an age of convenience. Its absence has eliminated the difference between single-party rule and coalition government. Both are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator; it makes a partnership untenable even if the partners consider it sustainable. Sentiment is irrelevant to any political marriage. This is true of all democracies where coalitions become necessary. Politicians live for power; why would they invite a premature death?UMNO politics, reduced to minimalist, notional ideology, devoid of individual or party accountability, is peculiarly suited to to CRONIES. If there were accountability,The life-blood of our democracy is a covenant, a pact between elector and elected that the quid pro quo for the vote is service to the constituency. The quality of that service is an important (but not the only) factor in an MP’s re-election. This is the one big check that keeps a MP on some sort of practical leash.
 The subconscious is the voice of the silent man. is a silent man. Ideas, issues, the temptations of pride and pitfalls of vanity, nestle in that nether region of the mind because better sense suggests that it would be inflammatory and self-defeating to let them rise to the surface. Some thoughts are incompatible with open air. But they tend to curl insidiously through the backdoor of a casual remark, or side-alley of a comparison. . No prime minister has, even through the slippery sinews of a breakfast conversation,Umno putting premium on loyalty due there is neither irony nor consequence in the aftermath, since UMNO has long shifted out of its mildewed, timber-laden socialist mansion into a new, gleaming prefab condominium.
Maybesecretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. knows his party better than the party knows him.
Umno is placing so much emphasis on loyalty in the run-up to the general election because of the bitter experience of 2008, according to  him  recalled the many incidents of sabotage during that polls when disappointed members worked against the party and Barisan Nasional, with some supporting Opposition candidates and the Independents.
“We had cases of election machinery not working and operations rooms being closed because certain elected representatives were dropped while other hopefuls were not chosen as candidates.
“Such acts of sabotage had cost us and we are determined not to let this happen again,” he said. “We will act against saboteurs and have them removed from the party.”
Tengku Adnan said members now realised the importance of being loyal to the party and not let disappointment get the better of them.
“They have seen what happened and realised it (sabotage) did not do any good,” he added.
Meanwhile, PBS information chief Datuk Johnny Mositun recounted the case of a member who had gone against the party after the person he had lobbied for was not selected as a candidate.
“He threatened the party and was eventually sacked from PBS,” he said.
  •  The relationship between MP and voter can, thereby, be officially abandoned. This should make party bosses delirious.The irony is that such flaws can be easily corrected, with some time and thought. Both have been absent from the process. The pro-reservation lobbies have employed hustle topped off by self-congratulation; those opposed think that explosions constitute an argument.The former worked through cheerleaders in the media; the latter played to galleries beyond the media, and did so effectively. The UMNO began to waver when the message from the second horizon began to permeate back . The government was indifferent to the threat from political parties, but it could not remain immune to a threat from the voter. Empowerment of UMNO members  is powerful and necessary objective, but the route map should be navigated with care.
Malaysia, lest we forget, is also the home of some of Southeast Asia’s most dangerous and lethal terrorists, such as Noordin Top and Azahari Husin. These men who both at one time taught at government-run universities were behind the Bali bombings and a number of other deadly attacks on infidels in Indonesia. After these monsters finally reached room temperature, the bodies were shipped to their homeland of Malaysia for a hero’s sendoff before huge fawning crowds, their Malaysian families intensely proud of their relative’s deeds.
Malaysian muslims has been suppressing and discriminating minority, ethnic chinese and indian, since the independence of Malaysia. I am glad to know that americans are getting to know the true colour of malaysian muslims who are mostly ethnic malay. Muslims are the cancer of the world. Those malaysian muslim leaders are taliban in suit. So, don’t be fooled by their appearances.
Did Obama take any of this into consideration before declaring Malaysia to be a great ‘friend, ally and partner’ of his country the United States?
Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer stated about the hearing: “We all need to work together to keep our nation and Americans safe, and we need everyone’s cooperation to do so. Targeting one segment of our population is not helpful to that objective.” I remember a few years ago feeling like the nerd at the dodgeball game. Neither team wanted anything to do with the Muslim voters, and one team was actively bullying us. Now, as Michael Cohen of the American Security Project argues, “as the U.S. grows more diverse, the King hearings and GOP attacks on Muslims look not only like bad policy but even worse politics.” In complete contrast, elements of our society are engaging Muslims. Earlier this month, the State Department invited me and other contributors to a book of essays by Muslim women, I Speak for Myself, to Farah Pandith’s wisdom session, giving a platform to a group of people often talked about but rarely heard from. White Cloud Press, the publisher of the book, is offering discounts on its Islam-related books to help Americans better understand Muslims, Islam and the Quran. People are taking action even by saying, “Hey, it’s not OK to say that,” when someone cracks an anti-Muslim joke. Their actions recognize something that we upheld as a country 224 years ago. Our founding fathers appreciated the fact that the first country to recognize America’s independence was a Muslim country, Morocco. A few years later, we signed a treaty with Tripoli, again during the holy month of Ramadan, asserting, “The government of the United States of America has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims.” With Rep. King’s hearings, we found forces trying to move us centuries backwards. But although cliché, a simple phone call or a letter to your Congressman really can make sure that the House Homeland Security Committee, which exists to protect us, actually does its job. That such a hearing is occurring in the halls of a democratic U.S. Congress is both a tragedy and a farce. Let’s make sure that such a drama doesn’t occur again.
The recently held Congressional hearing about Muslims in America returns us to the question of whether “Islam is peace,” as President George W. Bush put it on September 17, 2001, or a religion that promotes hate and violence, as its critics allege. Both are wrong. Islam — like all other religions — can be read both ways.
Muslims seeking to justify the use of force quote verses in the Quran such as, “Slay the idolaters wheresoever you find them”‘ (9:5). And they can cite the Hadith, the sayings of the Prophet, stating, “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah” (Muslim 1.9.30). At the same time, the champions of peace can quote the Quran itself, which states, “There is no compulsion in matter of faith” (2:256) and “No human can force a change of heart over which God alone has control” (10:99-100).
For some, jihad is interpreted as a “holy war” to subdue the non-believers; for others — a spiritual struggle for moral self-improvement.
Most revealingly, similar texts, open to both kinds of readings, are found in other religions. On the one hand, Christians draw on passages from the New Testament, which portray Jesus as a wrathful conqueror striking down sinners with his sword and ruling with an iron rod (Revelation 19:15); while on the other, they can quote Matthew to “Turn the other cheek” (Matthew 5:38-39) and “Put your sword back in its place” (Matthew 26:52).
Jews can read the Old Testament as condoning violence. For instance, “As for the towns of these people that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, you must not let anything that breathes remain alive. You must annihilate them,” (Deuteronomy 20:16-18). And even revenge, as in “An eye for an eye.” However, through the ages, rabbis have interpreted the same passage as referring merely to monetary compensation. And Jews have invoked pacifistic passages, such as “Nation shall not lift sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4; c.f. Micah 4:3)
I could go on and on. However, two observations seem incontestable. Those who seek to point to Islam as a religion that promotes violence should take note: It can be just as readily quoted to support nonviolence. And, in this way, it is not different from other major religions. It is up to the believers which interpretation they follow. However, condemning their faith as inherently violent cannot be justified.
Hence, to the extent that the Congressional hearings are focused on finding out which interpretation of Islam is gaining ground among our Muslim fellow citizens, it is a legitimate pursuit. So is to call on Muslim leaders and Mullahs who embrace the nonviolent version of Islam — and to urge all religious mavens to follow the same course.
Rep. Peter King’s hearings about the “radicalization” of the American Muslim community was just the first in a series of similar inquiries. Moving forward, I hope King takes to heart the sincere and fair-minded critique of his inflammatory rhetoric and sweeping generalization about the Muslim community. Controversial topics and contentious debates need not be avoided, but we need to engage them with substance rather than bluster.
I was proud to stand with diverse faith leaders, national security experts and civil rights groups in strong opposition to King’s prejudiced premise. The fundamental disagreement, though, is even bigger than whether King’s actions in this specific instance were right or wrong. This is now a debate about whether American values are bedrock pillars that help keep us safe or mere pretenses that we cast aside in the face of serious threats or political opportunity. This debate cuts to the core of who we are as a nation.
In response to the very real threat of terrorism, casting a cloud of suspicion over the Muslim-American community violates our ideals of religious liberty and equality. It also doesn’t work. The authoritative report from the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security states that building relationships between Muslim leaders and law enforcement is crucial to preventing the radicalization and alienation that can lead to violence. Impugning Muslims as insufficiently committed to protecting our nation ignores overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and it undermines the bonds of trust and community across religious and ethnic lines that make us unique in the world.
In King’s opening remarks he said heeding his critics would amount to “craven surrender to political correctness” and “an abdication of what I believe to be the main responsibility of this committee: to protect America from a terrorist attack.” This clichéd juxtaposition — the cowardice of “political correctness” versus the courage to defend our country in the face of criticism — is not only a false choice, it’s a dangerous one. If King thinks national security and counter-terrorism experts, law enforcement officials and interfaith leaders are all just being “politically correct” for stating that sweeping accusations against Muslims are untrue and counterproductive, he is rejecting the help of key partners. We can’t achieve the unity we need to effectively fight terrorism if we caricature all stakeholders as either tough guys who confront Islamic terrorists or cowards who coddle them.
Throughout the lead-up to this hearing, King made numerous decisions that put him at odds with faith leaders. He started by explaining the hearings as an investigation of the entire Muslim community. He repeated and defended his baseless claim that more than 80 percent of mosques are radicalized. His first proposed witness was someone who claimed there’s no such thing as moderate Islam. Rather than relying or empirical arguments or nonpartisan expert opinion, he based his entire case on individual anecdotes that reinforced his predetermined narrative. King wasn’t marching forward in spite of controversy; he was openly provoking it. His later statement that the vast majority of Muslim Americans make enormous contributions to our country was welcome, but it begs the question of why he couched the hearings in such sweeping terms in the first place. (However, none of King’s rhetoric in any way justifies the threats he received earlier this week.)
But ultimately, this isn’t about King. It’s about our future. I don’t want my son to grow up in a country that treats an entire religious community like second-class citizens. Investigating how to best prevent terrorism is essential, but we can and must do so without questioning the loyalty of Muslim citizens and leaders. It strains credulity to argue that Congress would ever hold inquiries into the radicalization of the Christian community or the Jewish community, and it’s not just because these religions are rarely publicly associated with terrorism. It’s because you just don’t do that to those faiths; they’re simply held in higher regard. I hope the overwhelming display of unity from the interfaith community moves us closer to treating Muslims with the same esteem. They deserve the respect, and it’s the American way.



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