Timeless Truths Najib: Give us another term, we can LOOT more and loo at you

Remember the days when a “good” movie (meaning one that you intended to watch!) was defined by (a) genuine rave reviews written by unbiased journos, or (b) fantastic word-of-mouth publicity by those who had already seen it ? Of course, if you had your own reasons for checking out the film—for instance, you liked the star-cast or the music, or the director’s past efforts had impressed you, and so on—you would see it anyway and whether or not the movie lived up to whatever expectations you had was a different matter. Simple, uncluttered decision-making process, to be precise.
Today’s situation is in rapier contrast. With technology trying to simplify (what was that again?) things, zeroing down on a movie to “partake of its audiovisual delights” (meaning : to watch for the sake of enjoyment, silly! After all, putting it “simply” is so passé now, sweetheart!) has become…….phew!….oh-so-difficult.  Why? Because the electronic media has never had it so good—film producers are pouring in megabucks (where do they get that kind of moolah from, anyway?) to have their films hysterically hyped, especially on the idiot box (so aptly named!). So what do we have? Films declared “blockbusters” and “huge hits” long before they’ve seen the light of day, the stars hijacking every possible reality show being aired at the time and promos pushed down your throats till they come out of your ears and you are finally convinced (or at least struck to a state of incomprehension) to watch the movies. Inane questions fly around like bats in a belfry—Has the star become the next No. 1? Is he/she going to sweep all the awards this year ?  Did the hero do those amazing stunts himself ? And the creme-de-la-crème,  Is there something brewing between the stars ? Then frenzied crowds rush to the theatres on the first day of the show and again such scenes outside the halls are beamed into our living-rooms, as if to justify the claims made in the promos we had been bombarded with for the last couple of weeks. Human as we are, we do start getting convinced and most of us end up watching those films.

Mahathir blames PM for economic crisis
‘Taboo’ to hand over country to opposition
  • Bernama
  • 7:29PM Sep 22, 2012

UMNO and Najib cannot get their facts right right from their first utterance.This kind of argument would be offered by a nine-year-old pupil of the primary school that I went to. No, I’ll be kind to Najib — by a Form 1 pupil of the secondary school that I went to. They’ve built all their their subsequent lies based upon the original fossilized ones for so long that they’re stuck fast into the corner of bellicose deceits.Just one term in Penang and Selangor and the opposition have already proved very much more transparent then barua najis and the gangsters for the last 55 years..so bloody fuck off!What is ‘taboo’ to Najib is anything that will show him in a bad light, like his obvious obvious connections to the murder of the Mongolian Altantuya which is why Suaram is being harrassed. Whistle-bowers like Rafizi are his nightmare. He’s clutching at straws like a drowning man with his tirades about West-minster models and shadow cabinets and simply denying charges like BMF’s report out of hand. Stop handing out bonuses to the civil servants, and voter rights to foreigners and keep the election free and fair, Najib. That is democracy, shadow cabinets or no! is right at one thing, which he spoke his mind: “We cannot gamble our future, our future is too valuable…”. And through his mouth, “our” being UMNO, there’s no Rakyat in his mind, there’s never been 1Malaysia. Just UMNO. get your fact right. The country is not for you to give away, it’s for the Rakyat to decide. It’s not necessarily bad for Pakatan to have policy issues unresolved. It’s a good practice of democracy by allowing rooms for decent and differing opinion on issues. This can only be healthy as a mechanism of checks and balances and it allows divergence of policy before convergence. Unlike Pakatan, BN’s policy is largely dictated by Umno and imposed from the top with others just following suit without question. This policy homogeneity is most unhealthy and shows the over-concentration of power on one party. This has invariably led to policy failures in the past. Pakatan not having a ‘shadow cabinet’ is no indication that it’s unprepared for govt. In a two-party system, a shadow cabinet may be desirable but not absolutely essential. Such a system is evolutionary, not revolutionary as Malaysian democratic system is still in its infancy. talking about democracy and Westminster model of government. Westminster model rarely (in fact as far as I know never) has a PM who is also a Finance Minister and a Economic Planning Minister. Westminster allows the opposition due respect in terms of media access, security coverage, and government funding for legitimate political activities. Westminster model does not say change of government is a taboo. Westminster model guarantees peaceful transition of power, without being tight lip about it. You give all these to opposition, I am sure the opposition will give you their shadow cabinet. I am sure the opposition when forming their cabinet will not be racist about it as you alluded to. Why, are you saying Kit Siang has no discipline or integrity to be the next Finance Minister? Seriously anyone believing in 1Malaysia is either a nincompoop or suffering from delusion.Umno /bn is scared when PR, DSAI becomes the next premier. They are so scared of their own shadows and all the skeletons in the cupboard.The idiot said “we cannot gamble our future, our future is too valuable.” Well, that is exactly the reason why you and your cabinet must quit and PR to take over to correct all the wrongs you made.

About 40,000 graduates in the country are still unemployed, based on the 2011 Graduate Tracking Study of the Higher Education Ministry. It was 76,000 the last time I checked, now its only 40,000. The economy must be booming or are the graduates now being employed at KFC, McD, 7E, Pizza Hut or kopitiams?.If the system of absorbing students to universities is as easy as enrolling form five students than we will have hundreds of thousands of graduates in 15-20 years time.And if the standard is as low as now than we will have a big pool of unemployed graduates.So dont cry for me Malaysia.

Our advice would be more useful if you channelled it to Malay rights pressure group Perkasa.The young of today cannot be cheated into submission anymore. The truth is out there for all to see. You may have the entire arsenal and machinery at hand, but you don’t have truth on your side. don’t take Malaysian youths for a ride. You can bluff us a few times but you can’t bluff us all the time.are not so dumb as you think; we read both sides of the story and only then make up our minds as to who/what is right or wrong, fair or unfair.The Umno-BN government is pushing the young generation against the wall. They see a bleak future ahead of them. Just imagine taking up to eight years to pay off their car installments and owning a house is beyond the reach for many. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Stop the rowdies and thugs, improve public safety, reduce crime and stop corruption. Then maybe you deserve a chance to be heard. Till then, talk to the hand. the government openly practises double standards on so many issues that any apolitical, educated and rationally-thinking person will find it hard to accept. So, the ball is at your feet. PM. Najis, you ARE getting desperate aren’t you? Using every trick in the book, short of assassinating those who are way more capable than you and the morons from your party.

They are also not blind to how the rich, the corrupt and their offsprings flaunt their wealth. Many of them know how hard their parents slogged day and night to put food on the table and to educate them.When they marched for social justice, equal opportunity, fair treatment, rule of law and to end corruption, they were confronted by barbed wires, chemical-laced water canons, tear gas and police brutality. They were also branded as unpatriotic.

Every action elicits a corresponding reaction. I urged the young generation to be politically conscious of what is happening to our country and act according to their sense of justice, fairness, equality, good governance and national unity.One more term to wipe clean the nations wealth and finishing the multiracial survival…. we understand thatAnother term will lead the nation to an infinite black hole. If u continue your lavish spending championing your motto, we can compete with GREECE by 2018, towards bankruptcy. Please disappear after GE13,

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today called on the people to give the BN another term in government so that it could bring more development to the country

Guess what, we’re the ‘only nation in the world with a non-elected PM closely connected to the murder of a pregnant Mongolian ex model’ in a corruption scandal that’s being tried in a French law court’. Now THAT is our big deal! Najib should ask Muhyiddin and the hardliners in Umno whether they are willing to give him another term. If the answer is affirmative, then he is qualified to talk to us. Otherwise,

Looking at the way BN says one thing to the Malays and another thing to the non-Malays, we can judge your and BN’s sincerity very easy to pacify the youth of the Selangor. They only need you to condemn the activities of the outsourced thugs of Umno, especially Perkasa under the patronage of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In August 2009, a group of protestors against the relocation of a temple to a ‘Muslim area’ in Shah Alam dragged a cow’s head from the Shah Alam mosque to the menteri besar’s office. Some of them spat and stepped on the head. our home minister at the time had said, “Those involved in the ‘cow-head’ protest in Shah Alam last week cannot be blamed for the controversy.”Hishammuddin also said, “They just wanted their voices to be heard.” So how come suddenly it’s “stop the confrontational culture” for BN?

Classic Chinese saying ” A strong tree needs a good layer of bark with strong limbs and trunks to withstand weathering and storms, while a good man requires a good outer veneer of character, backed up by integrity inside” to stand tall and firm like a mighty tree. Tunku (?) Aziz portrays he possesses neither.

1000 days not enoughTunku Abbdul Aziz ….you need more time to cleanse yourself

The great soul abjured political power. The great and flexible body seeks political power Tunku Aziz: I am ‘transformation friendly’at work,n these are wolves among the sheeps!!that’s what they are !Taking the opportunity to make some bucks from the corrupted rich UMNO BARU/bn before GE 13th when they are still worth to UMNO BARU!He has full of praises for the DAP when he was nominated as Senator. Now, when not nominated, he condemned DAP. Now we know his true colours. Irresponsible Tunku Aziz accusing other without facts and proofs! Yet, someone say he is a reputable figure! Reputable because of he have a ‘Tunku’ before his name! He spoke more like a clown Transform your principles to support people who protect the plunder of the poor people of Sarawak. Their education, health, wealth and future. Wake up before it is to late for it is difficult to build up a reputation but it is easy to destroy it by selling ourselves in exchange for the temporary pleasures of the world. Classic Chinese saying ” A strong tree needs a good layer of bark with strong limbs and trunks to withstand weathering and storms, while a good man requires a good outer veneer of character, backed up by integrity inside” to stand tall and firm like a mighty tree. Tunku (?) Aziz portrays he possesses neither

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