Mahathir’s death wish in G13 bye bye Najib

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today predicted that Barisan Nasional (BN) was “likely” to continue its rule after the next polls with a weak government but said this would be an undesirable outcome as the pact would be preoccupied with its own survival instead of the country’s development.

The country’s former prime minister pointed out that without a strong two-thirds majority in Parliament, a government could easily be toppled from its perch through mass defections.

“So the government is more interested in trying to survive and not ensuring that this country grows and prospers.

“When a leader is preoccupied with survival, then attention to businesses, the commercial industry, would be much less,” he told the Perdana Leadership’s CEO Forum 2012 here.

Dr Mahathir (picture) repeatedly stressed the need for a stronger mandate for BN to ensure Malaysia’s prosperity, saying this was also necessary to help the government implement policies that may make them unpopular but would also help boost the country’s coffers.

“I say a strong government is necessary if we are going to do unpleasant things. We cannot be pleasant all the time.

sound and fury achieves two ends: one, it firmly establishes the Mahathir in the class of creatures with a Without spine; and two, it gives Pakatan additional leverage, probably enough to convert package into a special winning package.

Phylum chordata, subphylum vertebrata — this is how scientific taxonomy describes all creatures with a spinal chord. Then they branch off into different classes, mammalia, reptilia, aves (birds) and so on. When it came to the gaggle that comprises the ruling Barisan had turned a little hazy, scientific or otherwise. Is this fish or fowl or some other strange life form altogether, capable of anaerobic hibernation for long periods, people had begun to wonder. Then comes to the rescue. forces the UMNO to take a firm stand and demonstrate that it does have spine. Of course, fish, fowl and the higher primates all have spines. Finer classification of the umno-barisan awaits revelation of further characteristics — the ability to use tools, for example.

Why does Malaysiakini even bother to report the demented mutterings of a pathetic King Lear who refuses to let go of his own pathological egomania? At times this old man sounds like a fengshui expert …he can for tell the coming GE 13 results and commented that fengshui wise the name ‘PAKATAN’ don’t sounds good..!

Your poker game of the past not only caused BN to lose seats then, it may lose the whole government now.With 30 seats majority the government is weak and shaky. So ,the point is let’s give PR a whopping 2/3 majority come 13th GE. TDM can sleep peacefully knowing Malaysian have a strong government that will take all Malaysian (minus likes of Perkasa, UMNOputras) forward and bring to books all the crooks who conned malaysians. Ah! Tdm Do you have anyone in mind?Are you saying Mr Indian Muslim that majority of Malaysians are still as stupid and dumb as before since Mederka. That is telling the nation that you rule this nation based on race and rewarding cronies and your families. Hey, Malaysians are you that dumb and stupid! Maybe in the 80’s and 90’s you conned us to listen to you. But now who will listen to this monkey anymore. UMNO/BN will lose ‘lock stock and barrel’ and you can go to hell.

The rakyat should give PR a resounding victory otherwise BN might again usurp power like what they had done in Perak. This election is not about hudud. It is about returning competency, accountability and transparency to government. It is also about the eradication of political leeches and parasites that rob our nation’s coffer and about returning an apolitical civil service to our nation.

“A government has to annoy the people. If the government wants to be popular all the time, then it would be doing the wrong thing,” he said.Najib’s real dilemma is Rosmah Mansor. She has become the biggest brimstone around his neck. In addition, the antics of Mahathir Mohamad and the games played by Najib’s Deputy are making it difficult for him to move.

If he does not call for elections this year he will be challenged for the post of UMNO President come December. If he loses the contest, that is the end of his premiership. Most of UMNO members think Muhiyuddin Yassin will be a better Prime Minister. Any views, apart from calling Najib chicken?
This administration is arguably even more lame than the last one. The initial emphasis using technique and modern advertising did little to obviate the lack of will and inability to reform the political scenario. Instead it devolved into classical Mahatirological hubris. Slandering by misappropriation of the powers of state became the order of the day. No class, or rather the unveiling of peasantry dressed in Emperor’s robes. Is this strictly the fault of the spouse or the basal character of main protagonist?

Whatever, whenever and wherever the conclusion to this question – there is no doubt that Jibs have let many down. His advisers are among the most redundant and asinine that can be bought. Perhaps their ineffectiveness is a reflection of progressive dumbing down and inability to think out of the box. They have to resort to gangsterism to impose their will. A strong resolute Leader, not only of Men but even an Animal Trainer has more character and moral rectitude than this flur.

The proper thing to do besides subjugating his own undisciplined and greedy party buffoons/lackeys, is to talk less and do more. Pemandu and the ridiculous acronyms have no place in Governance. Governing a country like Malaysia using Management techniques more suitable to a Business Corporation (corrupt, at that) is the road to Perdition. I truly wonder who taught him that business and governance are identical?

His deputy is just as opportunistic a parasite, and probably more retarded in all measures, except in personal peccadilloes. Moo’s People skills are akin to Napoleon Born-apart.


Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is struggling with the thorny problem of when to call an election because polls indicate voters, unlike in the past, are refusing to respond to government handouts and patronage with their support.

Lavish government spending to boost Malaysia’s economic growth figures and direct handouts to students and low-income households have failed to reverse the prospect that the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, in power since independence form Britain in 1957, could face defeat in the coming election.

Najib must by law call an election by the end of April next year, but he appears to have been trying to prepare the ground to call the vote earlier.

Speculation in Malaysia has zeroed in on a November election, and the deciding factor will probably be public response to the budget scheduled for Sept. 28.

This is expected to contain more largesse, including more cash handouts to low income families. This year alone Najib’s government has given the equivalent of $820 million to families on bottom-rung incomes. There have also been cash payments to students and juicy pay raises for civil servants.

And the efforts to boost Malaysia’s feel-good factor included an apparently healthy rise in the gross domestic product, which was an annualized increase of 5.4 per cent in the second quarter of 2012.

However, the GDP figures got significant help from public sector investment in major government-linked oil and gas projects.

There was also major investment and disbursements to the private sector from the $444 billion Economic Transformation Program put aside some years ago to assist Malaysia to become a fully developed industrialized national by 2020.

Najib became Prime Minister and took over the leadership of the leading partner in the BN coalition, the United Malays National Organization in 2009. His predecessor Abdullah Badawi was forced out after the BN failed in 2008 elections to win a two-third majority for the first time since 1957.

Polls show that Najib’s popularity is running at 64 per cent, but only 42 per cent like his government, despite some democratic reforms as well as the cash handouts, such as removal of the hated Sedition Act.

Other polls show that 84 per cent of the 222 seats in Parliament are up for grabs in the election. The remainder are safe seats equally divided between the BN and the Opposition coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib has put off calling the election and trying to obtain his own electoral mandate several times since taking over the government and party leadership.

His plans have been frustrated either by a new government or party scandal, of which there have been many, or else some mass demonstrations by the anti-corruption movement called BERSIH, meaning “clean” in Malay, which is allied to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) coalition.

But Najib’s freedom of movement is shrinking as the days pass. He is now faced with an unenviable choice. He can go to the polls very soon, even though the public does not appear to have responded to the government’s economic stimulus and blandishments.

Alternatively, he can wait until next year when prospects might be better, but when it is just as likely that the burnishing of the domestic economy will have worn off and the ripple effects from the global economy could be worse.

It doesn’t really matter when is the election, he is a goner as far I am concerned. Not PM material at all… there is even talk that the attacks now on DSAI bus and the CCM persecution of Suaram are beyond him and actually done by his enemies within the party to destroy his premiershipAt this junture , a dry run is out of the question…Gloomy , if there is anything up and running for the Premier….Coffers read state funds are running dry…Madame First Lady is all dried up..No physical Simulation… No Mental Stimulation…No Nothing

Narendra Mod and  Mahathir from the same

Modi’s sarcastic dig at Rahul Gandhi reveals yet again a mind-set that does not bode well for his national ambitions

Now that Narendra Modi has set his eyes firmly on the prime minister’s job, one would have expected a degree of maturity in his public utterances. None seems to be forthcoming. With an obstinacy that defies all reason, he has uttered not a word of remorse for the horrific post-Godhra communal riots that demeaned India in the eyes of the world and shamed Indians in their own eyes. Instead, he has sought to muffle the agonised cries and whispers of the   victims of the communal carnage by trumpeting his achievements as an administrator beyond compare, as a wizard of development and as the sole guardian of the interests and identity of Gujarat. To this end he has flaunted certificates about his governance skills from Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer and N. Vittal in the belief that these will serve to obliterate the memory of the mass killings. He is whistling in the dark. Some perpetrators of those murders, who were once part of Modi’s inner circle, are finally behind bars. But many others are still to be dispatched there. Until that happens, dark clouds will continue to hover over his prime ministerial ambitions.

The xenophobic accents in the Gujarat chief minister’s sarcastic dig at Rahul Gandhi , much like his increasingly strident regional chauvinism, are again evidence of a flawed mind-set. Time and again, the BJP has raked up the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin and every time it has come a cropper. Modi can flog that dead horse to his heart’s content but he won’t be able to breathe life into it. Instead of subjecting the young Congress leader’s track record in public life to critical scrutiny, the chief minister has chosen to question his patriotic credentials. He has in fact the gall to suggest that Rahul’s fault is that he has an Italian mother. This is a pathetic replay of the Sangh Parivar’s ‘Ram vs Rome’ litany which the nation has rebuffed. But, much like the Bourbons, Modi will neither learn anything nor forget anything.

So, as the elections in Gujarat draw nearer, as the UPA government becomes more vulnerable after the desertion of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool and as the prospects of a mid-term poll loom on the horizon, Modi can be trusted to heighten his rhetoric to feverish pitch. He will steadfastly refuse to shed a tear for the post-Godhra happenings but he is unlikely to direct his ire once again at Muslims. He is convinced that he has ‘tamed’ them. But judging by his references to Rahul Gandhi, he may well believe that whipping up xenophobia – an intense dislike of foreigners – might serve his ends. No one should be surprised if he couches his opposition to FDI in multi-brand retail in xenophobic terms. More specifically, he will find it expedient to target the United States – which has refused him a visa – and China – seen to be flexing its muscles – since companies based in these two countries are the ones that will rush to take advantage of the recent slew of proposals to boost the economy.

What might yet put a spanner in his works are convictions of his acolytes in serious cases of murder. A case in point is the decision of the CBI to name former Gujarat home minister, Amit Shah, as the prime accused in the killing of Tulsiram Prajapati. He was eliminated because he would have spilled the beans about the connivance of senior police officers, bureaucrats and politicians in the murder of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kauser Bi in a fake encounter. Modi will obviously rubbish the CBI’s move as he has done time and again in all cases in which his regime, and indeed his own role, had come under a cloud of suspicion. But once Amit Shah’s trial begins, the seamier side of Modi’s dispensation is certain to be exposed. He has miles to go before he can sleep without a troubled conscience.


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